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Rachael Millikan - Favorite Animal Communicator


Rachael Millikan
Rachael Millikan - Favorite Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator Finalists: Karen Anderson | Carol Gurney | Rachael Millikan | Joan Ranquet | Madeleine Walker

Animal Communicator

Rachael Millikan has been nominated by our readers for the Favorite Animal Communicator Award and for the second year in a row she has made it among the top five finalists in the About.com Reader's Choice Awards for Holistic Healing. Woo Hoo! Or, should I say Bow Wowie!

What a reader says about Rachael...

~Animals on this earth plane need people like Rachael. Helping humans understand their pets is the greatest gift one can receive. Rachael saves live's by assisting both the human and pet in developing the long lasting loving relationships we all desire.

Rachael says:

I’m just a regular person. I work a full time job in the music business on weekdays, spending nights and weekends doing animal communication work, my real passion. My heart sings when a client replies with a greater understanding of their animal companion or writes to me a few weeks later about the changes they implemented based on a reading and how those changes are having positive impact. It’s my hope to one day be a full time Animal Communicator; hosting workshops, conducting training seminars, writing books, and volunteering time to rescue organizations. Until then, I juggle things to the best of my ability and pay attention to animal guides that show themselves daily. I’ve always had a deep loving connection with animals, feeling them an equal species who communicate, just not in the exact same way we do. Communicating with animals is as natural for me as communicating with people and in some cases, easier!

My free time is spent with my pack (one husband and four dogs), soaking in the outdoors, practicing yoga, making jewelry and enjoying a wide variety of music. Luckily, I’m a volunteer and friend of the New Moon Goat Farm family where I get to visit with goats, lambs, horses, dogs, cats and cool people whenever time permits.

My wish is to spend every day with animals and their people, helping them better understand each other. 

A dear friend pointed out to me that I was communicating with animals on our walks. I’m one of those folks that stop and talk to passing dogs, forgetting to look up and say "Hello" to the people until well into my conversation with their animal. I’ll converse with a dog and say something in reply to them such as, "Oh, you're 9 years old? Wow, you look fabulous!" Then I’ll look up to the bi-ped at the end of the leash, who’s usually gawking at me, and they say, "Hey, how did you know Gizmo was 9?" These conversations have gone on for years and it was my impression that all people communicated with animals. Essentially, all people DO communicate with animals, it’s just a matter of how much practice a person puts into listening for replies and being present.

My friend accurately pointed out to me that yes, many people communicate with animals, but not all as clearly or as concisely. This led me to research Animal Communication, study with various teachers, practice, and ultimately make myself available as a conduit for communication. It’s a blessing to have such a wonderful opportunity and I’m looking forward to going deeper.

Rachael's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

Where to start? There are so many lessons. Most recently, with the loss of my Uncle, the one concept that’s very clear to me is impermanence. With loss comes learning and appreciation for the moment, learning to love deeply, to remain open-minded, to listen, to strive to be the best I can be each day, to be present... all lessons. Almost always successful with animals, I fall short on this list with people. My lesson is to apply this learning to all life. We are one. To truly be a successful animal communicator, one must be a truly successful people communicator too!

Rachael's message to our readers:

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my human and animal clients, my friends and family and my animal companions (past and present) for their assistance on this path. Without your continued support, feedback, conversations and love, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Extra special thanks to those who took the time and energy to nominate me as their "Favorite Animal Communicator." I’m more than honored to be included among four top practitioners in the field.

What I believe to be most important about this contest is spreading the word about kinship with all life and the acknowledgement of interspecies communication. That’s the real win!

Rachel can be reached at:

Web Site: www.beyondbarking.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/beyondbarking
Twitter: @beyondbarking

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