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Laurie Bain - Favorite Intuitive Artist Finalist


Laurie Bain
Laurie Bain - Favorite Intuitive Artist Finalist

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Primal Painter

Laurie Bain wins the heart of the About.com Holistic Healing readers through their nominations. She is among the top five artists nominated for the Favorite Intuitive Artist Award in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

Laurie says:

I've been an artist, an intuitive, and an empath since...always. I'm a spiritual dreamy type, with a little bit of hippie and some farm girl thrown into the mix. I have a deep affinity for animals, nature, and solitude.

What led me to creating intuitive energy art is an interesting story. When I was 21, I was the victim of a very violent rape and attempted murder, a near death experience. I had an incredibly mystical experience during the time I was unconscious (which is another story), but at the end, when I came to, lying face down in broken glass and ready to close my eyes for good, I was lifted to my feet like a puppet on a string! I'll never forget that feeling of being lifted up by invisible hands or the flash of a higher purpose.

Timing is everything, though, and I repressed those traumatic memories and emotions for 20 years. When I was 41, it all erupted out of me in full blown detail. It was as if I had just experienced the rape and brutal attack for the first time. I was in crisis and needed deep healing.

In my search for something that could help me, synchronicity led me to taking very intensive Reiki I and II classes which opened me up to the healing potential of working with energy, which I continue to explore.

A couple of years ago, I was on the computer, playing with one of my photos in a mindless, dream-like kind of state, and energy in the form of colors and patterns started beaming through the top of my head, out through my hands, and into my art. An angel emerged in the abstract patterns and colors, she wanted to be seen, felt, and heard... she was the first of many.

I love what I do, or more accurately, what the Source energy does through me. I never know what will emerge or what the message will be, but I do know that it always makes me feel better...uplifted.

Healing energy, light and intentions are infused into all of my art and jewelry. My highest purpose is to spread light, love and healing energy to everyone and everything through my art, connecting us all to each other and to Source energy in an expanding network of light.

Laurie's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

There have been too many lessons to count, but an important one is that when working with energy and intuition, the ego and the need to control must be put aside to allow for a pure flow.

Laurie's message to our readers:

I'm so blessed to have been given this gift and to share it with others. Every day I feel thankful for the people who connect with this artwork. You're the best of the best, we're fellow lightworkers, and together we can change the world by sharing our Light with others. A special thank you to my biggest supporter, my daughter Andi, and to Phylameana for connecting us with holistic wisdom in its' many forms.

Laurie can be reached at:

Web Site: www.lightworkerenergyart.com
Etsy Shop: PrimalPainter
Facebook: www.facebook.com/primalpainter
Twitter: @primalpainter
Blog: www.primalpainterhealingart.blogspot.com

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