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Madeleine Walker - Favorite Animal Communicator


Madeleine Walker
Madeleine Walker - Favorite Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator Finalists: Karen Anderson | Carol Gurney | Rachael Millikan | Joan Ranquet | Madeleine Walker

Author - Healer - Animal Communicator

Madeleine Walker is among the five finalists for the Favorite Animal Communicator Award. She is in good company among many talented and inspiring Intuitive Healers who are being recognized in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Her Animal Whispers Empowerment Deck was also nominated by readers rising to the top five oracle decks.

What readers say about Madeleine...

~Madeleine is passionate about being the voice of the animal kingdom working with them to help mother earth, She is also a pioneer in past life trauma release techniques taught by the animals, healing animals and their humans and intuiting the profound connections with our animals on a soul level

~Always helpful, cheery and positive. An amazing ambassador for any animal. Walks the walk and her fees are very reasonable for the depth of service that you get. I've had some amazing experiences with her that put me in awe of her ability to connect with and help animals and their owners.

~Madeleine is a loving, hard working healer and peacemeaker. I appreciate her and the work she does immensely

Madeleine says:

I am an ordinary person who is guided by some extraordinary animals! I have always been obsessed with animals and over the years from being a veterinary nurse, being a veterinarian's wife and working in conventional veterinary medicine. I have become more and more aware of the profound spiritual connections between humankind and the animal kingdom. I love my work with all my heart and feel so lucky to be called to be of service in this way.

Animal communication and the deep connotations of reincarnation and past life connections with our animals was quite a shock to me. I didn't go looking for it -it found me in the form of a Jack Russell terrier by the name of Sam who literally changed my life through his revelations being the first time an animal 'talked' to me, casually dropping the concept of shared past lives and reincarnation between us and our animals into the conversation! Horses have taught me all I know about past life trauma release between humans and animals- its such a privilege to be mentored by such wise beings!

Madeleine's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

So many - a little dog told me to remember the bigger picture - I'm learning practically every day that the picture keeps getting bigger and bigger! To be able to meet and connect with many wild species also in their natural habitat, has been an incredible journey, from Whales to lions- they have expanded my awareness of the planet and beyond! from a guinea pig to a humpback - they are all incredible sentient beings with so much to teach us about love, compassion empowerment and reconnection to the divine within us all.

Madeleine's message to our readers:

WOW! I'm sooo thrilled - was not expecting that! Thank you so much to all the people who nominated me! I'm sure I'm in some very illustrious company- a huge honour to be part of this! A huge thank you to all the animals who have taught me so much and guided me every step of the way in my work - I feel so blessed!

Madeleine can be reached at:

Web Site: anexchangeoflove.com

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