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Favorite Life Coach


Jordanna Eyre

Life Coach Finalists: Tim Brownson | Jordanna Eyre | Anandra George | Peggy Gilmer | Sollena Morginn

Coach - Speaker - Facilitator

Jordanna Eyre chosen as Favorite Life Coach Award in 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Congratulations Jordanna for winning!

What a reader says about Jordanna..

~She is a great force for good!

Jordanna says:

I'm a life coach, workshop leader, and most importantly an uber-authentic, free spirited adventurer. I believe in the importance of walking my talk, which means I'm an active propenent of living life from a space of wholeness, perfection, flow, and doing whatever it takes to love myself and everyone I encounter to my fullest. In my daily practice I'm an almost constant processor of feelings, and a believer in life's innate perfection; when working with my amazing clients, I'm a believer in them - their power, creativity, gifts, intuition, and ability to experience themselves as whole and complete.

I chose to be a healer at the age of 15, when I found joy and ease in working with individuals and families, supporting them to have the lives they desired. Life coaching, however, chose me. I began by saying "yes" when people would ask me for coaching sessions, simply seeing it as a way of being in service. But over time, it was undeniable that I had to say "yes" to coaching as a profession and way of life. In a way, I had been preparing for it most of my life; having developed an eating disorder that I spent much of my life healing from. It was through years spent in learning and creation, piecing together various healing modalities for my own healing process, in conjunction with this uber-cool gift I have to be able to see the truth and beauty in everyone I meet, that I was able to find my place in supporting others to create their own healing process in a way that is most authentic for them. That's my goal as a coach - whether I'm working with teens, adults, or those in their later stages of life, it's my responsibility to guide them to the part of themselves that already feels complete, and help them learn how to stay there more often and sustainably.

Jordanna's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

It seems it would make me cooler if I could give one "aha" moment answer. But the biggest lesson thus far, has actually been quite the opposite. I've learned that the more you can recognize the perfection of each and every moment - both being able to stay present in that very moment, and understand that no matter how it appears on the surface, that moment is there to serve you and give you the best life ever - the more life really does begin to feel perfect. It's not important to be hard on oneself, or that you must stay in that space, but to see it as a practice, and a knowing that you can always return to that place of present and perfect. With that awareness, you always have a "home" to return to.

Jordanna's message to our readers:

Thank you for your support! I'm deeply and madly in love with my work, and your support is helping me to be able to serve even more people, making an even greater impact with that love and service. I appreciate the difference YOU make, and appreciate your support in helping me to make a difference, as well!

Jordanna can be reached at:

Web Site: www.YouAreWhole.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/YouAreWhole
Twitter: @jordannaeyre
Pinterest: pinterest.com/youarewhole

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