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Favorite Angel Intuitive


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Jenny Smedley

Angel Intuitive Finalists: Eileen Smith Anglin | Maura Cunningham | Connie Dohan | Danielle Garcia | Jenny Smedley

Author - Angel Intuitive

Jenny Smedley wins the title Favorite Angel Intuitive in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Congrats Jenny!
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What a reader says about Jenny...

~Jenny is a wonderful, generous lady and I appreciate her talent. It’s so nice for one who does so much for others to get a little recognition. Not only are her angel portraits beautiful and incredibly inspiring, but their colours and stance can be read just like an aura photograph. The most amazing thing of all is that Jenny does them free of charge for her Facebook friends.

Jenny says:

My first memory of an angel comes from when I was three years old. My mum had taken me onto a, which started to pull out of the station before she realised it was the wrong one! She opened the door, telling me to ‘stay there!’ and jumped off. She turned to run alongside the train and pull me off, only to see that I’d panicked and jumped. I remember that leap, literally of faith, and the platform (to my young eyes) whizzing past at a dangerous speed. Suddenly I was whisked from the air by a strong pair of hands and deposited safely on the platform. My mum never saw that porter coming and when she turned to thank him, there was no-one there. I’ve loved angels ever since, and my goal is to show others that these wonderful beings only need our faith in order to fulfill our wishes.

I always have a waiting list of several hundred for my angel paintings, which I love doing, because it’s during that time that I have my deepest connection to the angel realms. When I get messages back from recipients of the paintings it’s very warming to read how their angel portrait always came at the time they really needed it to, I always smile, because each time that happens it confirms how loving and watchful of us angels are. I’m proud to be a conduit for their love.

Jenny's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

I have learned that when you have a gift or talent that is sent to you by angels you should never take it for granted, allow payment to become the focus, or allow ego to develop. We must always remember that it’s a wonderful privilege to have angels work through us. I know when I’m operating particularly well within these criterions, because rewards come, such as the angel star crystals I can insert into someone’s aura to heal them, or make their situation better, and sometimes when I’ve thought I’ve written all the books I can (currently 22) the angels will send me five publishers at once, who all want books. It’s almost like they’re having a joke with me.

Jenny's message to our readers:

I’m always touched by the wonderful comments people make about me, particularly the professional editors and publishers I write for. I’m very grateful for every vote I get in these nominations.

Jenny can be reached at:

Web Site: www.jennysmedley.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JennySmedleyAngelWhisperer
Twitter: @SmedleyJenny

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