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Jennifer Hoffman - Favorite Spiritual Radio Show


Jennifer Hoffman
Jennifer Hoffman - Favorite Spiritual Radio Show

Spiritual Radio/Pod-Cast Finalists: Jennifer Hoffman | Kozmic Kids | Rita Louise | Cari Murphy | Robert Ohotto

Mystic - Soul Messenger - Angel Channeler

Jennifer Hoffman and her Enlightening Life Radio Show is among the five finalists for the Best Spiritual Radio Show or Pod-Cast in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Hoffman is a celebrated intuitive mystic, soul messenger, author and radio host whose messages are intended to inspire others to create their life in a powerful, empowered, intention and conscious way. A former technology executive, Jennifer was asked to write, channel and teach by Archangel Uriel in 2003, an invitation she initially refused. She now writes for an audience of millions and teaches on the topics of self empowerment, enlightened living, spiritual reconnection, forgiveness and universal laws.

About Enlightening Life Radio:

The Enlightening Life Radio show has been on the air since 2008, a source of inspiration, transformation, self empowerment and enlightenment for its thousands of listeners. It is marketed through social media and the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter and through referral by its many listeners. It has the largest audience, most downloads and the largest chat room in the Blog Talk Radio network.

Jennifer's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

Being paralyzed during my childhood and unable to walk for five years taught me that in every situation we can choose to be a victim or rise up in victory, to react with pity or to respond with self empowerment through transformation. Every situation has a blessing that is often disguised as a call to act with courage and commitment, to be willing to see beyond the impossible and them become the I AM presence that will make it possible. I help my clients find and release the blocks that their victim reactions have created and find their victor aspects to live more fully and with conscious intention for love, joy, peace and abundance.

Jennifer's message to our readers:

I am grateful for the loving support and commitment of my many readers and listeners whose path I am honored to share and whose generosity and appreciation are humbling reminders of why I have committed to doing this work.

Jennifer can be reached at:

Web Site: www.enlighteninglife.com
Web Site: www.ascendingearthangels.com
Radio Show: The Enlightening Life Radio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jennifer.hoffman
Twitter: @Jenniferhoffman

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