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Best Massage Table Maker


EarthLite Massage Tables, Inc.
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Massage Table Finalists: BodyChoice | EarthLite | Master Massage | OakWorks | Stronglite

Congratulations to EarthLite! Winner of Best Massage Table Maker in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards for Holistic Healing.

From EarthLite:

Our Mission: To Heal Humanity Through Touch
It’s such a seemingly simple statement. Yet it encompasses so much of what drives all of us here at EarthLite – from the engineers and craftsmen who lovingly create our innovative products, to the sales representatives and customer care teams who take these works of art into the market or cheerfully answer your questions about our evolving lines. Like you, we understand that the deceptively basic act of “touch” not only enables us to better connect with the world around us, but also acts as our lifeline to maintaining inner tranquility and well-being. Encouraging humanity to take the time to “check out” from everyday stresses and “check in” to a more relaxed state enhances their vitality and creativity, as well as one’s capacity to enjoy the beauty of our daily lives.

And quite simply … we cannot imagine a greater mission than that!

The Thread That Binds Us
Our Guiding Principles of Healing Humanity Through Touch, Environmental Awareness, Product Excellence, Fair Practices and Global Responsibility envisioned by our founder, Tomas Nani, aren’t just words on paper. They’re a credo in which we live, breathe and take the utmost of pride. Because of this dedication, EarthLite and its subsidiaries are the World’s #1 Brand in Massage, recognized worldwide for our commitment to offering long lasting, cost-effective, eco-friendly products enabling massage and spa professionals to pursue their higher purpose of healing humanity through touch while leaving a minimal carbon footprint upon our environment.

One Community Making An Infinite Impact
Here’s one statement that truly is as simple as it seems: Together, we can make a difference. We hope you join us in the commitment where everyone, including nature, wins. Whether offering us invaluable feedback or sharing your stories about our product lines or jumping into a discussion and friending us on our Facebook page, we are always open to new ways to innovate and improve upon what we do.

Special message to the readers:

Thank you so much for nominating us, About.com readers!
We’re honored to be nominated for this About.com Reader’s Choice award. We hope that by sharing with you a little about ourselves (no pun intended), you’ll have a better sense of who we are to make a more informed voting decision.

Your Friends at EarthLite

Contact information:

Web Site: EarthLite Massage Tables, Inc.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/earthlite

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