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Dana Lisa Young - Favorite Reiki Teacher Finalist


Dana Lisa Young
Dana Lisa Young - Favorite Reiki Teacher Finalist

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Healer - Teacher - Life Coach

Dana Lisa Young was selected among the top five finalists for the Favorite Reiki Teacher Award in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Dana is not a new face to the holistic healing community here at About.com. Last year her Facebook Page Dragonfly Reiki was in the running for a 2012 Readers' Choice Award.

What readers say about Dana..

~She's the real deal. Well trained, diligent, high expectations and thorough teaching.

~Dana is the most thorough Reiki instructor I've encountered. She goes an extra distance to answer all questions and ideas. She also follows up with her students constantly whether or not they follow up with her. Her newsletter is very informative and her outreach lets you know she really cares.

~The first time I saw Dana's website, I knew she was the teacher for me! Her approach is very concise while also being comprehensive. I have driven a total of 600 miles just to attend her classes! Warm, receptive, compassionate, informed, and professional are all words I would use to describe Dana.

Dana says:

I am the owner of Dragonfly Reiki in the Atlanta, GA area. I'm a wellness practitioner, teacher, writer, and life coach. I offer private healing sessions (Reiki, energy healing and Reflexology), teach Reiki classes, as well as personal/spiritual development workshops. I write and blog about health, wellness and spirituality.

I practice and teach a style of Japanese-style Reiki called Komyo Reiki Kai, following in the practice of my teacher and founder of this system, Hyakuten Inamoto. I am also trained in Western-style Reiki.

I initially became interested in Reiki for self-healing of chronic health issues. At the time, I was in a middle-management level corporate job and my life seemed set. I hadn't given any thought to becoming a professional Reiki practitioner until my chiropractor asked me as a favor if I would offer Reiki to a patient of hers undergoing cancer treatment. Once I took that first step, one thing led to another and I began offering Reiki sessions and teaching classes part-time. Due to restructuring, I was laid off in 2010, and had more time to pursue Dragonfly Reiki as a full-time career. My path definitely chose me, but it was the answer to the question I had asked God some years ago regarding my life purpose. The answer I received very clearly was that I was here to be of service to others. Reiki has given me that opportunity.

Dana's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

While recovering from the birth of my daughter in 2007, I suffered a near-fatal postpartum hemorrhage. Through my very difficult and painful recovery process, I was immensely grateful for the people who helped save my life - my husband, the doctors and nurses who stabilized and treated me - as well as the family, friends and community who loved, visited, cared for and fed us during that first month. I realized that I was given a second chance at life, and with that came the understanding and empowerment to help others through similar difficult times and transitions in their life. One of the ways I have done this is to become an advocate in the childbirth community, to give Reiki training to doulas and other childbirth professionals, as well as to educate mothers-to-be on the benefits of Reiki healing for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and infant wellness.

Dana's message for our readers

I am grateful for everyone who has supported me on this journey - my family, friends, the local wellness community in Atlanta, my students (whose dedication to Reiki practice is a true joy to behold) and the Reiki teachers and mentors who have befriended and given me valuable guidance. I am especially grateful to my first Reiki teacher, Brad Dixon, for introducing me to this life-changing practice, and to my Komyo Reiki teacher, Hyakuten Inamoto for illuminating my path with his wisdom and compassion.

Dana can be reached at:

Web Site: www.dragonflyreiki.net
Web Site: komyoreikikaiatlanta.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DragonflyReikiAtlanta
Twitter: @DragonflyReiki
Pinterest: pinterest.com/danalisayoung/reiki/

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