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Backnobber II


Backnobber II - Best Massage Device Finalist
Backnobber II

Massage Device Finalists: Backnobber II | Boiance Face Rest | Bongers | Nayoya Swedish Ball Rollers | Thera Cane

Backnobber II is among the top five nominees for Best Massage Device in 2013 Readers' Choice Awards for Holistic Healing.

What readers say about Backnobber II:

~awesome self help device. removes trigger points. great for self care, especially for fibromyalgia clients

~The engineered design is simple and effective plus it breaks down into two pieces so I can travel easily with it and use it anywhere.

From the Manufacturer of Backnobber II:

For nearly 35 years THE PRESSURE POSITIVE COMPANY has been designing and manufacturing unique massage therapy tools for the self care of muscular stress, aches and pains. PRESSURE POSITIVE, a family owned and operated company, has been supplying these products to health professionals, athletes, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, catalogs and to top specialty retailers like RELAX THE BACK AND EASTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS STORES throughout the U.S. Now sold worldwide, PRESSURE POSITIVE self care tools are widely used in combination with professional physical and rehabilitative therapies to help individuals relieve muscular tension and pain and restore flexibility and overall function. The Original Backnobber®II is engineered from durable, fiberglass reinforced Nylon and carries a full, satisfaction guarantee. Use it by hooking one of its curves over a shoulder or under an arm and taking advantage of its leverage to apply firm, deep pressure to trigger points in the muscles of the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back and to nearly any other location where trigger points may occur. This pressure significantly reduces tension and pain in soft tissue, leads to improved range of motion and restored function.

The company response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

Compassion is the greatest lesson we have learned as a company. Our customers are looking for practical answers to their pain. The Backnobber II tool was devised to manage the painful muscle symptoms that develop from overuse and traumatic injury. Having developed a reliable, non invasive daily management tool that helps people out of pain, at a fair price has allowed us to help literally millions of people out of pain in a very real and tangible way. Just this fact alone inspires us to continue to design innovative self care devices and support the educational efforts of manual therapists who recommend our tools to their clients and patients.

Special message to the readers:

We want to thank our many loyal customers over the years who made this award possible. Your support and belief in our products keeps us motivated to provide the best quality massage devices available. Yours in good health, The Pressure Positive Co.

Contact information:

Web Site: www.pressurepositive.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PressurePositive
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TMJPainSolutions
Twitter: @PressurePositiv

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