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Make Today Count

Random Acts of Kindness


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I am a superb list-maker. I write out all the tasks that I wish to accomplish on bits of paper. At the end of the day when I look at my list of items and see that I've only crossed off a few of them I can either choose to be upset that I didn't finish them or I can feel satisfied that I completed the tasks that did. It's my choice.

I'm human and don't always choose the obvious better route, instead choosing to berate myself for not being more productive. Regardless, I feel so much better when I have made some small gesture that day that makes me feel GLAD - in this way I have made today count. In making today count all the other mundane stuff that didn't get accomplished doesn't seem so important anymore.

Random Acts of Kindness

Several years ago it became a trend to perform Random Acts of Kindness. I found the concept of this movement to be quite inspiring and remarkable. I especially liked the shifting focus of the world at large moving away from self-absorption to one of caring for others, even a stranger. Oddly enough (or not oddly at all - depending on what your perception of universal law is) it became apparent to many individuals that by choosing to shift their energies toward a more altruistic mind set that their own troubles seemed to melt away. People discovered that our planet seemed more like an expanded playground when they played a part in pleasing others in small ways. It was much better not to be living in a rushing-by world in which they felt trapped in or victimized by.

It feels good to do something nice for someone. Likewise, it feels good when someone does something kind for us. It's a win win situation either way you look at it. I'm sure you can think of one, if not many, small gesture to make. I will suggest a few here to get you started brainstorming ideas. Opportunities like these arise everyday.

Small Gesture Suggestions

  • Donate a Pint of Blood
  • Visit a shut-in
  • Read a story to a child
  • Phone a friend (don't complain - keep the conversation upbeat)
  • Volunteer to help weed the public park flower garden
  • Offer your mail carrier a refreshing drink
  • Buy an extra cup of coffee at the coffee shop and give it away to someone
  • Skip a meal - Give your sack lunch to a homeless person
  • Offer to paint your sister's toenails
  • Shovel your neighbor's snow-covered walkway
  • Offer a prayer to someone in need

Make Today Count: Forget your personal agendas for a few minutes and do something that will bring a smile to your face and someone else.

Note from a Reader:

I'm a big believer in the small gesture. Cards and letters, little electronic cards, there are many ways to lift someone's spirits. I brought in Christmas mugs full of holiday hershey's kisses for all of my coworkers earlier this week, and you'd have thought I'd given them mugs of gold!. ~resource

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