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Does Your Life Have Meaning?

Think of your life as an expression of God


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How often do you ask yourself "What's it all about?" "What's my purpose?" "Where am I going?" Like most people, many times I would imagine.

In reality we won't know the answer to that question while we are alive. We can speculate and guess and make educated hypotheses. We can also learn to listen to our inner voice, telling us that something just feels right.

Why on Earth?

For some, being on Earth is to wake up in the morning, "do your thing" during the day and go to bed at night, then repeat it all the next day; with no in-depth meaning of what life is about. For others, being on Earth is about experiencing life, being glad you are alive and looking forward to the next day because it has meaning for you.

There will always be extremists who believe in one extreme or another. At one end are the people who view life as having no meaning. They don’t believe in God or any form of a higher Being. It is okay when things are going well but they are ill equipped to handle the rough spots. At the other end are the people who have a deep-seated belief in a Divine Being. These people have something to fall back onto when the going gets rough. It may still be painful but nevertheless, they have some form of meaning in their life.

Why are we here? Those who have no religious or spiritual beliefs won't care very much. "Maybe it is all an accident of nature" say some. "We were cloned and put here from another planet to populate Earth" say others. Fortunately, there are many that believe that we are here on planet Earth to grow in consciousness, to express love and even be a co-creator with God.

Surprisingly, many people who live in tyranny and desperate poverty are able to grow in consciousness despite the absence of outside ideas or help. One would think that the daily challenge of subsistence living would take all of their effort. Nevertheless, many develop a deep belief system (individually or with their local group) and often seem to achieve that growth more quickly than people in more affluent countries.

We should never lose sight of the fact that the United States is a wonderful place to live. Here we have above all, freedom of speech and belief. Our environment is conducive for learning and expanding our consciousness. However, all the luxuries that we have often make us lose track of the significance of keeping in touch with our spiritual side. To grow in consciousness and be an expression of the Divine Source requires some effort on our part. But, it is well worth the effort.

Life is An Expression of God

Think of your life as an expression of God, experiencing a journey on planet Earth. Learning to be a creature of love, still faced with trials and obstacles of everyday life but developing faith and trust in a Divine Plan. Know that there is a reason for your life, and if we all start by trusting the Divine Source, life is less painful, more tranquil, and more rewarding.

Life Choices

We all have a choice in life; to be kind and understanding or be cold and uncaring, with no concern for others. You will find that life actually goes more smoothly for you if you follow the path of Loving-Kindness.

Raising Consciousness with Kindness

Every time someone does a kind deed or says words of kindness it helps to raise the level of consciousness as a whole. Just think what a wonderful world it would be, if everyday each person consciously committed an act of loving-kindness. It doesn't take much, just a smile or even making eye contact with someone whom is in need of a "pick me up." Then think what the world would be like if we all went around self-serving and full of bitterness, each person caring only for him or her self. Not a very pretty picture, surely not what the Creator had in mind, not what its all about.

The world is made a better place one step at a time by each one of us taking the time to be considerate and caring. It really doesn't take much effort on our part and the benefits are well worth it. Try it, you might like it!
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