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Random Acts of Kindness

"Random Acts of Kindness" is a catchy-term that we can all understand - it is altruism at its very best!
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Two simple Words

Message Therapy
What can be more therapeutic than a few kind words? A message of kindness can turn a bad day into a good day.

Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids
Jamie Littlefield, Charity Guide's senior editor, shares information on how to go about donating your hair.

Random Acts of Kindness - Making Today Count
In making today count all the other mundane stuff that didn't get accomplished doesn't seem so important anymore.

Does Your Life Have Meaning?
Carol Powel Smith says "You will find that life actually goes more smoothly for you if you follow the path of Loving-Kindness."

Altruistic Gestures - A Generous Way Of Healing Yourself
Gifting others is a lot more fun when it comes from a non-obligatory feeling.

Altruistic Gestures - A Generous Way Of Healing Yourself
The stress involved in obligatory gift-giving can be horrific. Sometimes you just can't avoid it.

Healing Gifts Under $60
Healing gift selections for your holistic-minded friends and family.

Before You Buy Gifts For Your Spiritual-Minded Friends
Guide suggestions for selecting spiritual gifts for your friends.

Tips for Teaching Children Altruistic Behavior
December Holidays offer opportunity for parents to teacher their children the joy of giving.

Donate a Pint of Blood
A simple How to on donating blood.

Pay it Forward Stories
It feels good to be on either the giver or receiver of a random act of kindness. Readers share their "Pay it Forward" stories.See submissions

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