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Quantum-Touch and Reiki

By Richard Gordon

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Reiki is enhanced by Quantum-Touch. Quantum-Touch has no attunements or symbols. Quantum-Touch is a natural and innate skill that can be learned with simple breathing and body awareness techniques. These techniques allow the Quantum-Touch practitioner to powerfully focus and amplify the life-force energy.

Practitioners of Quantum-Touch don't become drained or tired from doing sessions. When I interviewed Reiki masters, about 40% reported that they had occasionally felt energy going up their arm, or had become tired and drained.

This is a function of the practitioner entraining or matching to the client's vibration. Without a skill to hold a high vibration, Reiki practitioners may at times become drained.

I've taught Quantum-Touch to numerous chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and osteopaths who have been astounded to observe rapid structural realignment, reduction of inflammation, and other benefits.

Reiki masters who have taken my workshops have nicknamed Quantum-Touch, "Reiki empowerment" or "turbo charging the Reiki." I got a laugh when one of my students wrote in the review of my workshop that Quantum-Touch was "like Reiki on steroids." Both systems use the same life-forced energy. The Quantum-Touch practitioner learns to focus the energy like a laser, which takes concentration, body awareness and breath.

-- Richard Gordon

"Quantum-Touch greatly surprised me! I wasn't expecting the class to be as wonderful as it was! I received a miraculous healing of my back! I'm a Reiki Master and compared to Reiki, Quantum-Touch is surprisingly fast."
-- Betty Clegg, Lombard, CA

"I’ve been a Reiki teacher and practitioner for years, and this was a definite "next step" for me to "ramp up" my ability to run energy.
-- Paula Battaglio, Chicago, IL

"My energy was intensified to a level I never experienced with Reiki. I feel I have found what I was searching for to further my mission of 'helping others be their highest self possible.' I recommend anyone seeking healing or becoming a better person take this workshop."
-- Vicktor E. Ransom, Tacoma, WA

"An awesome experience for the skeptic in all of us!!! It's Reiki on steroids and without all the ritual. I like how pure it is."
-- Gary J., Boise, ID

"Of our nine class members one was not a Reiki practitioner. We all felt this class enhanced and augmented our abilities and understanding. We all flew with this class!"
-- Daniele DeVoe, Frankfort, MI

"Quantum-Touch magnifies and intensifies Reiki. It was wonderful to be able to spend the time practicing on each other and feeling the benefits of such a powerful energy. Thank You."
-- Suzanne Schartz, Aurora, CO

"For energy medicine practitioners, Quantum-Touch amplifies the effects of Reiki and other hands-on-healing techniques. For the layman, Quantum-Touch empowers the individual to tap into the innate healing abilities we all possess."
-- Ellen DiNucci, M.A. Project Coordinator Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program at Stanford University

"Very informative and energetic! Richard has a very simple, easy method that shows instant results for the participant. I found several new ways to increase my energy flow beyond my Reiki skills."
-- Gary Morris, Eugene, OR

"I am a Reiki Master and have had success with Reiki, but have found Quantum Touch to be very powerful and show results much more quickly. I have worked on two women who can feel the energy as it flows through their bodies. Their response has been that Reiki comes from without and Quantum Touch comes from within. I can feel the energy field surrounding people and can say from direct experience that Quantum Touch (especially after the Supercharging workshop) expands the individuals energy field at least tenfold, which would help account for the breakthroughs in health.
-- Karen Smith

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