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Quantum Touch

This healing touch technique can be simply described as a vibrational or energy modality.

Quantum Touch
Vibrational touch therapy that incorporates touch, breath work, and body awareness meditations.

What My Quantum Touch Session Was Like
Review testimonials from people who have experienced receiving a Quantum Touch session. Find out why they sought out Quantum Touch and whether or not they were satisfied with their therapy session. Read advice offered from personal perspectives or give your testimonial.

Five Tips for Doing Distant Healing
Simplified version of Gordon’s approach that you can use to send healing to the victims of the hurricane

Quantum Touch Chat
Transcript of healing chat on the subject of Quantum Touch, a vibrational modality.

Quantum-Touch and Reiki
Richard Gordon, author of Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal, defines the differences and similarities between these two energy-based healing therapies.

Quantum-Touch: The Power of Healing
Guide review of Richard Gordon's book on this energy-based healing modality. It is basically a how-to manuel that is well worth exploring.

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