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Make Your Own Pyramid - Kits and Patterns

Plans and patterns to make your own pyramids.

Cats Gravitates Toward Owners Open Pyramid Frame
I built a large open framed pyramid in the next room. It seems to me that they (my cats) gravitate toward it and will occasionally spend time sitting under it.

Pet Pyramid Kit
After you know what pyramids can do, you'll want to share the wonderful vibes with Fluffy and Spot.

The Pyramid is the Geomancy of The Mind of God,
Select pyramid frames available from ShambhalaHealingTools.com

Pyramid Connecting Corners Kit
This hardware would come in handy, if you were constructing a larger or more substantial pyramid.

Pyramid Energy Generator
Create your own free energy. I just love the kirlian photographs of pyramid energy in action! It's so cool!

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