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Ancient Pyramids

Ancient pyramids can be visited in Egypt, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and Tibet.

Egyptian Pyramids
There are more than a hundred pyramids in Egypt, here are highlights of the main pyramids.

The Meroe Pyramids
North-East of Sudan, Africa, there are around two hundred smaller pyramids constructed from sandstone.

The Pyramid of Cholula
Exploring the largest pyramid ever constructed in the Americas.

Pyramids in Australia
Among many pyramid structures, there is an ancient 'Terrace Hill' at least 6000 years old.

Pyramids in Brazil
Deep with the jungles two inaccessible identical pyramids been viewed on by satellite.

Pyramids in China
Most people are unaware that there China has 100 pyramids and they're 4000 years old.

Pyramids in Japan
A perfect pyramid six and a half feet tall and twelve feet at the base resides on the island of Honsu.

Pyramids in Spain
Six step pyramids, made of black volcanic stones, were discovered in 1998 on Tenerife Island.

Pyramids in Tibet
Here's a little known pyramid in the Himalayan mountains. This photograph was taken in 1957.

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