1. Religion & Spirituality
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Spiritual Blessings

The beautiful thing about a spiritual blessing is that it seems to be as good for the bestower as it is for the recipient.

Uses for Sweetgrass - Sweetgrass Rituals
What types of rituals have you used sweetgrass for? Did you find its use effective? Do you usually burn it or use it some other way?

"Namaste" Learn its history, meaning, pronunciation, and more.

Yule Tree Blessing
Gratitude for the evergreen you chopped down for your Yule celebrations.

Irish Blessings
Collection of Toasts and Blessings for St. Patrick's Day.

Celtic Blessings
Blessing like these have the intention of opening our eyes to the reality that God is already with us.

Christian Blessings
According to this page of Christian blessings the opportunities for gratitude are absolutely endless.

Prayers For Peace
While these prayers represent various religions and cultures, they all are saying pretty much the same thing.

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