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Reducing Stress with Prayer

4-Part Process of Prayer for Stress Reduction and Gaining Peace


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Prayer: Communication back and forth with our source. Supplication, meditation, hand in hand, energy uplifted by appreciation reduces stress and carries out a useful plan.

  • Supplication - Asking for guidance by using our own words or set prayers

  • Meditation - Being still in body, which is conducive to the settling of the turbulent waters of issues in the mind; confusion falling away so that the voice of conscience can be heard

  • Appreciation - Caring, thankful, and loving thoughts, which in turn energize

  • Application - Putting the inner guidance of conscience into action
Directives from conscience are perceived through peaceful thoughts, feelings of contentment, and an energized body. Directives from conscience are always for the best. Sometimes we layer our mind with excuses for not acting on the directive of our conscience. These layers of mental defense fog our mind to what is best for us, blocking out the best outcome.


Supplication is asking for our prayer to be answered. The set prayers from religious traditions can set us in the frame of mind that something outside our ordinary daily thinking and experience can intercede in our lives. Depending on our personal belief system we call this higher wisdom by various names or qualities.

We can ask for events to turn a certain way when we want a specific outcome, or we can ask for the best (though perhaps unknown to us in the moment) outcome to happen in our lives or in others' lives in general. Both ways we are intentionally putting forth our energy.
A prayer asking for the 'best' outcome:

Lord, clear my mind that your beam of light and love shining through me will reflect perfectly through the crystal of my soul.
Spend the moments following prayer for meditation and reflection. Deep meditation and reflection, our quiet time, leaves us stress free, thus making a space for answers to our question or request to come to mind.


Through meditation we come to experience our eternal Self. We know about our sensory organs; we know about our emotions; we know about our thinking mind; but until we still our body, emotions, and thinking mind, we do not have conscious contact with our soul, which is part of the main eternal core of Self. The joyful effects experienced from the inner stillness of meditation eventually flow outwardly into daily life. Joy invigorates us with plenty of lively energy for caring and sharing; in joy we feel happy and fulfilled.

Going within, reflecting, brings forth a clarified reality, free of stress. When we perceive past and ongoing events clearly, we see where we are heading. Living each moment with care and in our highest consciousness of good allows happiness to flower.

We aid ourselves in fulfilling our human potential by maintaining and nurturing a stable secure base. When we are out of balance so are the results of our actions. To produce results for the highest good we need to consistently live from our highest consciousness. By living a balance of work, play and meditation we stay centered.

Productive work, contemplation for guidance and inspiration, and play for enjoyment are a winning combination allowing personal harmony and achievement in everyday living.
A Meditation Practice

Preparation: Sit on a carpet, folded blanket, or pillow on the floor with back and head erect, eyes closed, legs folded in, hands clasped and resting in lap. Alternately, sit on a chair with spine erect, eyes closed, hands clasped and resting in lap.

Breathe evenly in and out, with no breath retention, while mentally repeating an uplifting word such as 'peace' or a short phrase or prayer, all the while feeling love for at least one other person in order to grow in loving consciousness.

In this bodily stillness the mind relaxes and becomes more peaceful allowing stress to wash away.


Appreciation uplifts both the giver and receiver. A smile is an appreciation. A gentle touch or hug conveys loving appreciation. Encouraging words appreciate a person's potential. Sharing shows we care.

Appreciation goes forth through our thoughts, words, actions, and returns the same instant as uplifted energy in our body-mind. Consciousness awakens. Consciousness of love awakens.

When we are showing appreciation we are feeling energized and happy, not uptight or stressed.


It is through sharing the increased loving consciousness gained in the process of prayer in caring actions that we are able to more fully enjoy our human experience.

Spending time in the process of prayer-supplication, meditation, appreciation-plus the gift of ourselves through caring and sharing awakens gifts within ourselves of abiding peacefulness and lovingness.

When stress is drained through the process of prayer, personal peace is more easily gained.
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