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The Power of Prayer from the Angel of Grace

Excerpt: Accepting Grace – The 3 Aspects of Mind, Heart, and Grounded-ness


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This message from the Angel of Grace came during a morning of prayer for my mother, where I asked that all of the grace that was flowing to me, be given unto her for her healing. This is what followed…

Angel Message

This dedication of prayers to another, this dedication of the grace that we receive to another, flows freely from us when we have the pure intention of giving grace, giving love, giving blessing with nothing of ego mixed with it or attached to it. This intention, this alignment of our own will for the benefit of another to receive grace, is a powerful healing practice. The nonattachment to any personal agenda, goal, or expectation or outcome for another, leaves the grace that flows through us pure: beneficent, benevolent, a full measure of unadulterated grace given to another.

This practice of praying for another is, of course, an established tradition throughout all the spiritual practices, all of the religions of the world. Yet, the healing and transformative power of your prayer for another may be increased many-fold. When you drop any agenda of your own ego, any identification from your personality with what you think is best for another, when you abandon all of the “shoulds, woulds, coulds, ought to’s and if onlys,” in regard to another, then you enter deep, potent and transformative potential for the person you are praying for.

When you see yourself as able to give grace freely with no expectation, with no hidden agenda, with no either implied or implicit contract that you shall receive something back in return, then you become a pure, clear vessel of healing grace, of healing light, of healing love and of illumination. When you allow yourself to be as the sun and to shine with warmth, love, and grace, to shower your love in all directions and all places without condition, just as the sun warms and illuminates and shines upon us without condition, then you pass the grace of heaven to another.

The divine aspects of the human body, the human mind, the human heart, the soul and the spirit are designed as vessels for grace and for love. The ability to radiate love as the sun radiates warmth and light is inherent in every human being. This being human, at its’ core, at the heart of the being, is the same capability to shine forth with love, with warmth, with affection, with respect, with honoring, with warm regard given freely to another.

The flow of grace and love that we are able to give to another is determined by our own beliefs. Nothing more. Our beliefs, our thoughts and our perceptions determine how much, in what capacity, in what way, and what “flavor” of grace we are able to receive and pass to another. What we will not receive for ourselves is very difficult to give to another. If you see yourself as a vessel that allows the pouring in of love and light and illumination and higher consciousness and best intention, you will be able to fill yourself with these. If you feel yourself unworthy of these, undeserving of these, if you carry a story of a victim as your biography, if you blame others, if you give over the responsibility to others for your own capacity as a vessel, then you greatly diminish the amount of grace that your vessel may receive.

*The complete Message from the Angel of grace deals with three aspects of your being that determine the quantity and the quality of grace that you are able to receive: Mind, Heart and Grounded-ness. You can visit www.AskAnAngel.org to read the full message.

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