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Positive Thought

Wasn't there a song a while ago, that told us that we had to accentuate the positive to eliminate the negative? Well, it still holds true for today!
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Pollyanna Quiz - What is You Pollyanna Quotient?
Do you consider yourself to be a Pollyanna? Do you have room in your life for rainbows and unicorns or are you too serious for that?

Go Ahead, Express Your Joy
When is the last time you allowed yourself to feel joy deeply and laugh heartily with no holds barred?

How to Break the Habit of Attracting Negatives
Naysayers and negative thinkers who claim that the Law of Attraction doesn't work are proof that it DOES work!

ABC's of Healing Poster
ABC's of Healing Poster

Criticism Bites - Say Something Nice
A few words of wisdom my mother gave that I'm still learning about.

Cancel and Delete - Monitoring Your Thoughts Exercise
Simple but effective two step healing exercise you can do as you begin to monitor your thoughts.

Obstacle or Opportunity?
Challenging obstacles may land you on the back road to a golden opportunity.

How to Overcome Negativity
Squashing negative patterns of your past and clearing a path for a more positive future.

How to Overcome Negativity
Squashing negative patterns of your past and clearing a path for a more positive future.

Self Help and Empowerment Affirmations
Affirming affirmations shared by the holistic healing community.

Can-Do Attitudes
Having a Can-Do Attitude will serve you well in life.

Adopt Amberisms Into Your Life - Contagious Optimism
Definition of Amberism: Saying something positive in the midst of a negative experience.

Choosing Happiness
Jodie Foster, Clairvoyant Consultant and Intuitive Counselor, says we have the power to choose happiness.

Gorse Flower Remedy
Hope and optimism are just two of the postivie qualities Gorse flower essence offers.

You Own the Power
Book Review - You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Force Within by Rosemary Altea

Avoid Negative Thinking - Choose to be Positive
Positive or negative self-talk plays a big part in your decisions. Be on the "look-out for negative self-talk and notice how it influences your choices; notice how it can negatively affect your efforts to change.

Smile Therapy
Smiling can become addicting if you allow it!

Are you an optimist or pessimist?
Here are some contrasts between optimism and pessimism and how they affect us.

Optimism and Positive Outlook
"Whatever you have on your hands, it could have been worse and you can make it better than it is. It is a matter of attitude."

Optimism Carries Many Positive Qualities
Optimists not only have a lower risk of depression during their lifetimes, but have better overall health and coping skills compared with pessimists. Optimism, hope, and personal control seem to go together.

Don't Worry, Be Happy
Here are all the secrets regarding worry. Learn how to recognize worry and refrain from this self-defeating habit.

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