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Holistic Healing Poll Center - Share Your Opinions


Cast your votes in a number of healing opinion polls that have been featured here at About.com Holistic Healing over the years. Compare your answers to other readers' responses. All the polls are left open so you can vote anytime. Also, you can come back to this page at anytime to review the current poll results.

Do you have a new poll idea for the holistic healing community? You can create your own poll in the healing forum, or you could drop me a note at healing@aboutguide.com with your poll suggestions.

  1. Are You Taking Care of Yourself?
  2. Compare Your Psychic Abilities with Others
  3. Share Your Spiritual Beliefs
  4. Tell Your Likes and Dislikes
  5. What Paths of Wellness Interest You?
  1. Dream Polls
  2. What Are Your Views About the Law of Attraction?
  3. What Choices Have You Made?
  4. Share Your Experiences
  5. Share Your Feelings

Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Self care is an important element in living a holistic lifestyle. It is often the daily routines that promote self nurturing through a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, etc. Answer these poll questions about your personal self care.

Compare Your Psychic Abilities with Others


Everyone (Yes, everyone!) is psychic. How each person taps into their intuitive nature is very unique. Answer these polls to share about your psychic talents.

Share Your Spiritual Beliefs

What are your spiritual leanings? Do you believe in a higher power? Are you a member of a common fellowship, or follow a certain set of moral standards? How open are you to the unknown?

Tell Your Likes and Dislikes

These are fun polls for sharing your likes and dislikes. Tell what your favorite color is, what smells do you dislike, and more. Find out if your likes are in the majority or minority with others.

What Paths of Wellness Interest You?

Photos.com image of globe and people holding hands to form a circle

There are so many roads that lead toward a path of wellness. These polls help me to know you better, and also help to guide me choosing topics to write about that would interest you most.

Dream Polls

dream polls

Common themes people dream about include flying, falling, nudity, etc. Answer these dream polls and compare your recurring dreams with other people's dreams. Whatever could these dreams mean?

What Are Your Views About the Law of Attraction?

These polls are asking your advice and experience applying the law of attraction in your life.

What Choices Have You Made?

We can learn about ourselves by the choices we make and the pathways we take. These polls are asking you to share your experiences with others.

Share Your Experiences

B2M Productions / Man Reading Tarot Cards

Polls that invite you tell about the things you have tried or experienced. It is important to throw yourself into life and get some experiences under your belt. It may be scarier than sitting back and watching from the sidelines, but getting in the game is where the real action is.

Share Your Feelings

Checking in with your emotional body and understanding why you feel the way you do is an excellent way to understand YOU and to learn self-acceptance. And, it really helps to know that others feel some of the very same things you do. You're not alone in your feelings.

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