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Holistic Pet Care

Our four-legged companions (cats, dogs, horses, etc), winged bird-friends, fishes and marine mammals look to us humans for their care. These links are to resources meant to help us do just that.
  1. Animals as Therapists (9)
  2. Aromatherapy and Pets (3)
  3. Ask An Animal Reiki Shaman (28)
  4. Grief Support for Pet Owner (6)
  5. Healing Touch for Pets (6)
  6. Holistic Care for Birds (6)
  7. Holistic Care for Cats (13)
  8. Holistic Care for Dogs (24)
  9. Holistic Care for Horses (18)
  10. Homeopathy for Pets (2)
  11. Horoscopes for Pets
  12. Interspecies Communication (89)
  13. Massage for Animals (6)
  14. Pet Discussions (5)
  15. Reiki for Animals

Natural VS Veterinary Care
Where to turn when your pet is feeling poorly.

Natural VS Veterinary Care
Where to turn when your pet is feeling poorly.

Learning How to Listen to Animals
Intuitive connections with wildlife in your backyard.

Turning Lost into Found
Rose De Dan, Reiki Animal Shaman and animal communicator offers general support and guidance for anyone who needs help locating a lost cat or dog.

Complementary Therapy for Dogs
Contributed by Sevi Kay - Recipes for Doggie Aromatherapy and Herbal Tea.

The Vet is Your Ally
Western or allopathic medicine, whether for animals or people, has some very important features, such as trained observation, testing and diagnosis by process of elimination.

How to Find a Lost Dog or Cat
Don't Panic! Read this advice about steps you can take to help you find a lost cat or dog.

Safe Effective Flea Control - Natural Health for Cats and Dogs
Excerpt from the book Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide To Natural Health for Dogs & Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M., Ph.D. and Susan Hubble Pitcairn.

Animal / Pet Care Videos
Educational show and tell videos to help pet owners tend to their pets' health and wellness requirements.

First Aid Tips for Pet Owners
Pet owners consider their safety and health for their animal companions a primary concern. Owners should pay careful attention to their animals and stay alert to any signals of distress. Knowledge and preparedness can make a significant difference when an emergency strikes.

Pet Health Insurance
About Guide Janet Tobiassen to Veterinary Medicine says "Each pet owner will have to evaluate pet health insurance and decide if it is right for their pet(s), but it is definitely becoming something to consider."

Alternatives for Animals Holistic Pet Directory
Holistic directory of pre-screened vets and practitioners trained in alternative and holistic medicine, natural pet food & products, and animal communicators/pet psychics.

Flower Essence Therapy for Animals
Animals respond more quickly to flower essences than adult humans do, and often with greater results.

Thunderstorm Phobia
Noise phobia, often manifested as excessive fear during thunderstorms, is a relatively common affliction of dogs. Natural remedies, (including flower essences) are suggested at this website to help calm your nervous dog.

Herbal Healer Academy
Natural health products for pets.

Your Pet's Emotional Health
Flower Remedies for our animal companions.

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