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My Memories of Living in Japan

Reader Submission: Past Life Memory

By Emma

My Past Life Memory: When I was drifting off to sleep one night, I wasn't totally asleep so I'm not sure if this is a dream state or an awake visualization, a sudden very detailed image came to mind. There was a young Japanese baby lying on some sort of furniture surface. I thought straight away 'this is my daughter.' I can remember her face vividly, it was really detailed and real unlike in most dreams where I find people's faces are blurry. She looked about 4 or 5 months old and was wearing a little denim outfit that looked American made,. She was staring up at me smiling and gurgling and then the images were gone and I remember thinking that baby was my daughter in a past life. A name came to mind but it was so fast that I couldn't remember it. All I remember was that it was 3 syllables and had at least one k in it.

Another night the same thing happened, this time I was lying on my back in a Japanese room. I had this sense someone had just left, a man I think. But I don't know who or how he knew me. I was looking out an open door at the rain. Ever since I was young I have loved the Japanese language and culture and I think these memories may have explained why.

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