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Love Lines

Also called "Palmistry Marriage Lines"


Love lines are short horizontal lines found on the side of the hand underneath the pinky.
Love Lines

Love Lines

Do you believe people only have one soul mate? Not necessarily, you might want to rethink that belief. How many love lines do you have on your hand? Multiple love lines indicate the number of significant relationships you have had (or will have) in your lifetime. Sometimes it is easier to see these lines if you bend your pinky slightly toward your palm to see the line creases.

Note the appearance of the individual lines. For example: a troubled relationship will often be reflected as a fragmented, jagged, or wavering line. A love line that is forked could indicate a parting of the ways through divorce or separation. A deeper groove is usually a solid sign of a strong-lasting bond.

Smaller or faint lines branching off a love line are the offsprings born out of a relationship. These Children lines are not as easy to see because they are smaller and often faint lines branching off the love line.

The spacing between two love lines can also tell a story... spaces may indicate the span of time that lapses between relationships. A wider gap could indicate several years, a narrow space could indicate less time between loves. For example: Let's say that a young couple marries, but their partnership ends in divorce within two years. The man remarries within a few months, but the woman remains single for eight years before she gets involved in another relationship. If you were to look at their individual palms it is likely you would find two love lines butting up to one another on the man's hand, but the woman will likely have a 1/8 to 1/4 inch space between two love lines on her hand.

Your love lines map significant heart-connections or karmic relationships. Keep in mind that palmistry does not distinguish between a legal marriage, a common law marriage, or a love affair. Marriages of convenience will likely not get mapped onto the palm at all. In other words, a loveless marriage or less-than significant partnership will not show up as a love line on the hand.

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