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Health Line

Placement: Vertical line begins below ring finger


Degree of health challenges during your lifetime is indicated by the strength or weakness of this line.
Health Line

Health Line

In addition to the physical health of a person, the health of one's finances can be reflected in the health line. This is not surprising when you consider the diet and life style of a poor person would likely be lacking. Also, stress of any kind is a major factor in one's health.

Exploring the Health Line

  • Breaks: Monetary concerns or losses
  • Criss-Crosses: Possible accidents (clumsiness, ungrounded)
  • Circles: Hospital confinements, Surgeries
  • Wavering or Jagged Line: Multiple health concerns
  • Forked Line: Chronic or debilitating dis-eases
An absent health line usually indicates that health is not an issue.
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