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Addressing the Cause of Your Pain

Ask Yourself "Do I love my pain?


How can someone love their pain? Pain is a message from your body telling you that something is wrong, or out of balance. It often has its origin in your emotions or spirit. We each have a special place where we hold stress or tension. Often it is the shoulder or back muscles, resulting in a headache, stiff neck, or back or shoulder pain. For others it could be the intestinal system.

In our fast-paced, quick-fix world, the initial thought is always "Give me pill. Make it go away." But the pills only allay the symptoms. They do not address the cause. Many people wonder why their pain returns, or never really resolves. It is because they have not taken time to attend to the cause.

Address the Cause of Your Pain

You can help yourself to relieve your pain by addressing the cause. Is there a relationship you need to deal with or leave? Does a work situation require resolution? Are you living your life in line with your truths and values? Have you taken the time to identify your truths and values. Are you holding on to someone or something you need to let go of?

Many people do not heal because they find a reward by being in pain. It may be a way to keep someone in or out of your life. It could be a method of getting pills to numb your existence. It could be a good excuse for not moving forward. Look at the events and relationships in your life. Consider their effect on you physically and emotionally.

Help Yourself or Seek Help

Decide what you need to address and do it. If you don't have the strength or tools to do it yourself, then seek help. Many modalities from bodywork and energywork to life coaching, hypnotherapy and acupuncture can help. If it is truly deep seated you may need to utilize a psychologist or psychiatrist. Know that you are the one in control. You must take the first step of many in your healing process, but you must begin with the decision to make a change.

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