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Numerology and the Number Fifteen

Love and Dissolving Obstacles


Reader Question: I would like to know more about the number 15 (fifteen) in numerology, as I've read in a book somewhere that the ancients claim that it is a number that dissolves obstacles. However, it was not stated in that particular book, what ways the number could be used, and most important how to apply it in one's life, when working with obstacles?

For example, whether the number is to be written with one's objective/wishes or whether it can be used in the form of chants and or spells etc. I would like to use this number from time to time with certain issues and obstacles which I encounter on a regular basis in my life, and would be grateful if you could kindly furnish me with information about how it could be applied to break obstacles.

I know about the meanings of numerological numbers 1 to 9, and also the master numbers of 11 and 33 respectively. The latter numbers am aware is not to be subtracted in any way or form. But that's all that that I know, much as I'm interested in numerology and metaphysics as a whole. I would be more than grateful if you could kindly assist me with this matter, by suggesting ways in which I could apply or work with the number 15.

Love and light blessings to you, from Jessica O.

Answer: Dear Jessica, I have read a handful of books about numerology over the years, but not recently. I soon became frustrated with the subject of numerology because the numbers meanings and calculations don't always add up the same because different formulas are used. So many theories. The same is true of books about color therapy, meanings of the various colors mean different things to different writers/theorists.

My approach when there are several or perhaps conflicting meanings is to choose the definition that makes the most sense to me personally and not be too concerned about which way may be right or wrong. When answers are not clear try and tune in and allow your inner knowing-ness to guide you. You are your best GURU (Gee, you are YOU!). That being said, for me personally, 15 would have a similar meaning to the number 6 (1+5 = 6). My best GURU feels that the number 6 represents love, primarily the purest of love: unconditional love. But 6 also can represent romance and friendship. Also consider in what areas of your life that fifteen represents. For example if the address of your home adds up to 15 (924 Brown Avenue would be a 15 (9+2+4 = 15, 1+5 = 6) then this number will likely indicate a harmonious abode and you would get along well with any roommate or partner living in that home with you.

I think what you read about the number 15 dissolving obstacles makes perfect sense for the number 6. I consider 6 to be the ultimate Love/Harmony number. Applying love energies to obstacles or difficulties would certainly be a benefit.

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