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New Year Resolutions

Past and Present New Year Resolutions


Make Healthy Life Changes

Make Healthy Life Changes

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January is often looked at as a month of redemption, a time when we can hopefully wipe the slate clean and start afresh. As we tack a new calendar on the wall we look ahead hopeful for a brighter future in the days to come. This is when our new year resolutions come to mind. It is our wish to break free of bad habits that harm or disappoint us and strive to live a more successful and fulfilling life. We set goals to challenge ourselves to meet or exceed our best expectations. And although our enthusiasm may wean a bit come mid February, March, or later, new year resolutions can serve us well. The trick is not to tackle too much by setting manageable goals.

During my ongoing tenure writing and managing the About.com Holistic Healing website which launched in 1997 I have set forth some new year resolutions and goals of my own. When my blog was introduced in 2003 I began sharing my goals online with my readers. Listed below is the resolution I've set forth for the new year. You may also browse my history of past years resolutions and other new year projects which I have undertaken.

My New Year Resolution:

2014 - Honoring My Current Path - I received an email from a reader who feels like she is getting nowhere in her life. She described it as "taking two steps backward, and one step forward." Naturally, we all want to make forward strides or experience momentum in our life path. As I was preparing to send her a response I realized the advice I was offering could also apply to myself. I'm often caught up in planning out my tomorrows and rushing through the moment to get more things done. This year my new year resolution is to honor each step, to be fully present in the process as it unfolds. This doesn't mean I won't set goals, simply that I will not rush or disregard the many steps (including any missteps) it takes me to get from here to there. Each step undertaken will be acknowledged and honored.

Do You Make New Year Resolutions?

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Looking Back at Past Resolutions:

2013 - Organization! Organization! Organization! - I have gotten an early start on my new year resolution for 2013. I got a burst of energy mid-fall of 2012 to begin organizing closets, drawers, etc. in our home. In addition to clearing out clutter in those spaces (tossing out those odd socks, taking old clothes to Good Will, pitching expired coupons, and more). January marks my annual pantry clearing. I've also been organizing family photographs on my computer. As for this Web site, I've begun creating some navigational pages to help readers find what they are looking for. So far... my Chakra Balancing Index and Reiki Healing Index showcase all the content available to readers on these topics.

2012 - To Be More Social - My primary goal for this new year regarding my role as Holistic Healing Guide is to be more social with my readership and the healing community in general. I invite you to engage with me on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, and Google+. On a personal level my plans are to bring more balance into my daily activities between work duties and other things I enjoy doing. Basically I'm wanting to take a more leisurely pace regarding my personal expectations in the coming year. It is my nature to PUSH and PUSH to get things done... I'd like to become a more gentler caregiver of myself. I don't think I could ever become a slacker, and wouldn't want to, but I could certainly enjoy kicking back a bit more often.

2011 - To Become More Focused - My Focus Friday Kick-Off will begin on December 31st 2010. My newsletter subscribers are going to find a second newsletter edition delivered to their inboxes each week next year. In addition to the regular Tuesday Healing Matters edition there will be a Friday edition that focuses on a singular healing topic. Subscribe to my newsletter. I'm also hoping to write some new ecourses and update some of my older ecourses, I'll see how that goes.

2010 - To Write Daily Healing Lessons - In 2010 I undertook the task of creating daily healing lessons for my readers. I think I did pretty well, and currently have daily lessons in place from January 1, 2010 through September 3, 2010. I kept up fairly well writing the lessons until late spring when my enthusiasm began waning. Ideas for lessons were thinning out and other projects were given priority. I hope to complete this project in 2011 (crossing my fingers). Also in January 2010 I wrote a step-by-step tutorial for organizing your food pantry. Organizing my pantry is something I do every year during the month of January.

2009 - To Become More Mindful - I blogged about my decision to embrace Single Tasking in 2009. This may have been one of my all time favorite new year resolutions. The realization that multi-tasking is a myth has most likely been the most freeing change in my life. I can't do it all. AND I most certainly cannot do everything at the same time! It would have been nice to have juggler talents, but I don't.

2008 - Monday Challenge to Take Action - For 2008 I challenged myself to take action each week on Monday to get something done. The goal was to tackle that ever-growing to-do-list. I called it my 52 Opportunities Project.

2007 - Affirmative Resolution - "I resolve to live in a more affirmative light in the coming year." This was my resolution statement for the year 2007. As a part of that resolution I plugged into the positive by blogging about my intentions to stay positive each day for the whole month of January. I called this blogging event my Affirmative Project.

2006 - New Year's Burning Bowl Ceremony - In 2006 Rev. Jean Seymour contributed a copy of the lecture she gave for New Years at her church. Jean said "As we step into this new year, you should have acknowledged what was and released it all to prepare for what is to come. Remember, that which you fear will be brought to you. If you do not recognize fear, it will pass you by. Walk in your TRUTH and the vibration of your own INTEGRITY." At the time Jean was serving as one of the moderators in my healing forum.

2005 - Wow, I guess I skipped 2005 altogether making any resolutions. Oops! 2005 was the year that two of my children got married. My daughter's wedding was in March and my oldest son's wedding was in April. Two weddings in one year, that's my logic for excusing myself from making any resolutions. This may have been the year when I took heart regarding my own article, Making New Year Goals, when I first wrote about the importance of setting manageable goals.

2004 - In with the New, Out with the Old - In January 2004 I was focused on decluttering my life. Part of the decluttering was my determination to lose weight using The South Beach Diet.

My Holistic Healing blog launched in June 2003 so I don't have any records of my new year resolutions for January 2003 or of any years prior to 2003. Once again I invite you to tell about your new year resolutions. What are your plans for the new year?

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