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Setting Manageable Goals for the New Year


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Are you a failure at fulfilling your new year resolutions? We have all fallen short at times when we build too high of expectations. This is not to say that we shouldn't be forward looking and desire to bring about changes that will better our lives and increase our well being.

Long Range Goals Can Be Overwhelming

Our expectations can overwhelm us when we set up long range goals. A futuristic picture can simply be too BIG to focus on for an extended period of time. In order to manifest or bring about change it is important to focus on a particular image. But, while we are living in the swamp lands with our goal to attain that mansion sitting on the other side of the mountain top... well, you can easily see how that picture might become a bit blurred. It can be difficult to continually visualize the sunrise over the mountain when you are knee-deep in mucky waters.

    Realizing itsy-bitsy goals on a daily basis are a great help. Meeting smaller goals can be ever so uplifting. They can uplift our spirits.

Break One Big Goal into a Few Smaller Goals

In order to get away from the swamp lands into the mountain range focus your eyes upon a series of smaller goals that will eventually bring you closer to reaching the mountain peak. Initially, get yourself out of the water into a boat, the next step would be to row your way to the muddy bank. While rowing, begin visualizing your feet upon dry green grassed soil. Once your bare feet land among the grasses alongside the crawly bugs that inhabit the land, take a day or two to enjoy that experience before packing my backpack and continuing your long trek to the mountain range.

Live In The Moment

The journey on the way to meeting your goals will present surprising treasures. But, you'll likely overlook them if you are in too big of a rush to get to wherever you are headed. Taking smaller strides toward life's "bigger picture" can be wondrously invigorating. Taking baby steps is the exact opposite of the old saying "not seeing the forest for the trees." Choose to stop and take a breather along the trail taking time to notice the individual trees. Stop focusing on the future, which may be putting your happiness on hold, and live in the moment. Not only will you notice the trees, but you will also notice the moss growing on their trunks. You will delight in discovering the occasional jack-in-the pulpit peeking out from underneath a nearby shrub. Perhaps you will take pause and stoop to your knees to pick a bouquet of daisies. At lunch break you might tear the crust off your sandwich to share with a little gray squirrel.

While you are in the process of realizing your dreams and meeting your goals don't forget to enjoy your life while you live it every step of the way!

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