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Angelic Assistance for the New Year

Angels of Forgiveness, Compassion, Peace, Revelation, and Wisdom


The Angel of Forgiveness will help you to forgive yourself and all others. Call upon this Angel for help with every mistake that you have made and every mistake that has been made by another. Call upon this Angel to help you to see and realize that even these mistakes were blessed and enfolded in Creator's love for you. Each of these mistakes are growing and learning opportunities. Trust to the love in your own soul -for this is the very same love that the souls of those around you are made of. This love unifies, reveals and brings all experience into loving harmony.

The Angel of Forgiveness will bring the balm of new awareness to any wound, be it mental, physical, emotional or even an apparent wound to your spirit. Your spirit can never truly be harmed. Rest assured that your spirit (soul) is eternal and indestructible. What feels like a wound to your spirit is actually the breaking away, sometimes a painful tearing away, of illusion, misunderstanding and misidentification with what is desired from what is true.

Next, call upon the Angel of Compassion. The Angel of Compassion will help you find peace within yourself and peace with those around you. The Angel of Compassion will also remind you that when you anchor yourself in the eternal love that is within your soul, you also connect with the universal field of love which connects all souls.

Then call upon the Angel of Peace who will help to settle your thoughts as you work your way through this process. The Angel of Peace brings peace to your mind, to your thoughts, to your emotions and feelings, and to your physical body and nervous system. The Angel of Peace helps you to break your established habits of stimulus and response so that you are free to look freshly at your assumptions and beliefs. The Angel of Peace resolves conflict and settles your mind, which helps you to connect to the well of love that is your soul.

The Angel of Revelation may then work with you. When you are ready, call upon the Angel of Revelation. For once you have brought yourself into forgiveness, compassion and peace, you are ready for deep revelation. The Angel of Revelation will guide you through what has been a mystery to you so that you may gather the wisdom that you are now ready to receive.

The Angel of Wisdom also will help you to fully understand and live the new wisdom that you are realizing. The Angel of Wisdom helps prepare you for the new year. In some ways this is like a graduation. You are leaving behind the old subjects, some of your old classmates, some of your old teachers, and going on your next place of learning. Allow this natural process.

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