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Movie Therapy

Movie Therapy is a mind therapy that involves the client viewing certain films that under the supervision of a therapist in order to help treat emotional and mental conditions.

A Therapeutic Afternoon at the Movies
Watching films is sometimes used as a therapeutic tool to draw out emotional healing, inspire, or open up communications between client and therapist.

Therapeutic Movies - Movies That Heal Us Emotionally
Films are used as a tool to bring about an emotional response, create joy and laughter, or offer inspiration.

Best Healing Movie of the Year 2010
Learn who won the "BEST HEALING MOVIE OF THE YEAR 2010" category in the 2011 About.com Reader's Choice Awards.

Soap Therapy
Not a full length movie, but Soap Drama episodes can offer doses of escapism therapy.

Books About Cinema Therapy
These book selections are basically focused on healing marital problems or issues.

Guidelines for Choosing Films
Cinamatherapy.com offers some helpful guidelines and movie recommendations for choosing which films to use depending on what your intention is.

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