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Full Moon Circle Chat


ladyhawk: Now we will do the water

ladyhawk: As I raise the water over my head I ask the moon to bless the water so that it may bring clear and vivid dreams to all. The water is then poured into a cup the host then takes a sip and ask the water to help each receive, understand and speak the truth and then pass the cup moonwise around the circle.

ladyhawk: i now sip and pass to lila

lila: taking the cup.... I sip for eternal understanding of humanities strengths and frailities for each of us.

lila: pass to sorcey

sorcey: Not only for humanities, but for all our fourlegged, and feathered, and scaled friends i have taken a sip and pass to turtle

turtle: sorry have to go...so passing it to Believe

lila: Believe - you are not meant to take the cup so abruptly.... sorry

lila: if you like - you may or wait until the last

Believe: perhaps i should wait for now...

Believe: ty

ladyhawk: thats fine Believe, Dolphin

Dolphin: i sip and ask that we all be cleansed of all negativities

Dolphin: passing the cup to Kaneguru

Kaneguru: ty i sip and ask that we may be open to the truth when it comes to us -- I pass to


karuna: as i take a sip i pray the water to cleanse me and every thing around me of all impurities

karuna: Back to Lady

ladyhawk: Believe would you like to try

Believe: no ty.. thinking perhaps i should leave..

Believe: excuse me..

ladyhawk: When the water is returned to the center it is offered to the moon once more and I ask that the earth and all her children have enough water to drink in the cycle that is now beginning. I then pour the remainder of the water onto the earth.

ladyhawk: Next is the crystal. Tonight it shall be the sunstone this is a good stone for building self confidence. It helps to bring a joy of life and eliminates your tendency to blame circumstances on outside influences for your problems. It instills a self of independence, giving you a boldness that aids in overcoming your fears. This gem will also help alter your perspective, allowing you to see the bright side to a possible negative situation.

ladyhawk: The crystal is held up for the moon to see and asked to place her energy into it for when each touches they shall receive this gift. Then the crystal is passed moonwise, please receive with your left hand if you want to say something at that time then feel free. then pass the stone on with your right.


lila: i place in y our left hand

lila: OPTIMISM - sunrays of joy and light-heartenedness spark from the sunstone - warmth, happiness ...

lila: passing to


sorcey: and with your wish, may this also imbue tolerance - as optimism makes this far more bearable

sorcey: Believe, are you ready for me to pass this to you?

Believe: no ty...

lila: Believe is sitting in observance

sorcey: then I pass to Dolphin

Dolphin: i give thanks for the joy it brings and the positive outcomes to any problems passing to]Kaneguru

Kaneguru: JOIE DE VIVRE --may i and all those present be infused with a new sense of being totally alive!

Kaneguru: I pass to karuna

karuna: As I receive this sunstone self confidence in abundance is what I ask for

karuna: back to you Lady

ladyhawk: ty

ladyhawk: Lastly is the bowl of cornmeal. This is offered to the mother to replenish the foods she has given us. I will now sprinkle on the earth the meal and thank her.

ladyhawk: We will now have a prayer to the creator or great spirit.

ladyhawk: Father, Grandmother - Great Spirit, We offer ourselves to you with the heart of peace and love.

ladyhawk: Cause me to bring peace and understanding to those I see, that they may be warmed by your spirit. Let us pray for the people that tend the light, and stay in prayer for everyone's needs. I call upon the wind spirits to carry the songs on the wind, and the songs upon the trees. To all the people send a soft rain to clear their way and make their paths easier, better, and whole. AHO

ladyhawk: And now my friends the ceremony is completed. The tools are gathered and placed within the medicine blanket and then all exit as they entered making one full circle moonwise or counter clockwise.

ladyhawk: If anyone has anything else they would like to share...or add, may the warmth carry you

lila: I embrace this circle of friends

karuna: just don't feel like coming out of this meditative state

ladyhawk: thats ok


lila: don't karuna - at least not quickly

sorcey: Thank Youladyhawk - this has been enlightening

lila: thank you ladyhawk for leading us this evening in honor of the moon

ladyhawk: I would like to thank all in attendence. Namaste..........................

ladyhawk: you are all welcome

lila: Namaste

Dolphin: ty lady hawk

Dolphin: i would like to say we had full moon last night and a full moon eclispe

Kaneguru: Good night and blessings to you all. TY lady for your guidance

karuna: Thank you all for this wonderful circle
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