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My Past Life Lover To Be Married To Another


Past Life Lover Reincarnated as a Naval Officer :

This is about a past life memory of a lover. This man and I met 3 yrs ago, and upon our first date- we met on the Internet, there was an energy of familiarity unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. It was a revelation -- a powerful connection and I would sense the water and ships from a past life.
I was told by a psychic that this man would come to me from the ocean-- well this man was an import/exporter in a past life-- and reincarnated again as a coast guard and navy officer in this lifetime. I began to have memories of him from the past life-- it was a pull so strong- one in which I had promised to wait for him forever-- a therapist- past life regressionist said that we had shared a life together.
I only get visions of a ship, and of waiting for the ship to arrive to port. I see feelings/images of China and of India. I don't know why these countries exactly. Our physical relastionship ended a few yrs ago, though we kept in touch, and I am still in-love with him - connected to him on that deeper plane -- he felt it too- but he just won't allow it.
He is now to be married to another woman, and I am having to overcome past ties, as well as the pain of losing him here in this life. It has been devastating for me. But I have also opened my soul and spirituality to levels I had not dreamt possible before.

This Memory was submitted by:

Melanie, July 2004

Questions and Answers:

Q. How did you come by this memory?

Awake Self Visualization

Q. Did you learn anything about yourself from this experience that has helped you understand yourself better?

Not Sure

Q. Did you experience actually being this person or were you viewing a past life as an observer?

I was watching the life unfold as an observer
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