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What Time of Day Should You Meditate

Time for Meditation


This morning I was struggling trying to decide on my topic for today's Focus Friday post. I awoke from a dream about power animals so that was my first inclination... but I've shelved that topic for another week because I have an article in draft about discovering your power animal that is not yet ready for publication--- coming soon!

Before I knew it, it was afternoon and I had as yet decided on what topic to write about. If I didn't decide soon and get this post up I would be infringing on my daily meditation time. I wasn't wanting to skip my mediation today, nor happy about postponing it until later in the day.

So, for the lack of coming up with a better idea, I decided I'd post a new poll (poll is now closed) asking readers about their daily mediation practice. I practice Transcendental Meditation 20 to 30 minutes everyday, generally around 4PM. I was trained to meditate twice a day... once first thing in the morning and again later in the day. But, I've reduced it to once a day. Lately, 4 o'clock has not been working very well for me. Too many scheduling conflicts, so I have been considering switching to 2 PM. Earlier would be better but, since I've been using my mornings for Tai Chi practice (moving meditation) I don't think that is feasible for me. I have too much "noise" in my head to meditate in the evenings or before bedtime---making it quite a chore for me to empty my brain. I know some people have difficulty mediating at night because they are too tired, but evening is when my creativity peaks.

My husband, now retired, has discovered my meditation room (which has a comfy Futon in it) is the perfect place for reading some afternoons. I don't like shooing him out of there for my meditation time, and won't. The lighting is good and truthfully the "feel good" energetic vibes in that room are likely what is drawing him in there. I'm happy to see him in there soaking up the positive energies. When this happens I will alternately choose another spot for my meditation on those afternoons. (luckily my meditation cushion will travel from place to place.. ha!). Or, I'll check back later on to see if he has vacated my special place so I can have my few minutes of quiet.

It doesn't matter what time of day you meditate as long as you make it a priority. I've heard so many people say they don't have or cannot make the time to meditate. This is really a shame. I'm determined not to stop meditating just because I'm having scheduling issues lately, I just need to figure out a better time of day for me to do it... because it is a bit unsettling not to be doing it at the same time everyday.

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Originally posted February 1, 2013

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