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Medicine Wheel Prayer Ceremony


When I say prayer for someone I do it in this manner in the morning, then again at night. Sometimes however I do lift people in prayer during sweat also or instead if I feel it is something that needs some intense spirit connection. So, on to how I lift my prayers...

Entering the Medicine Wheel

I enter the wheel through the south gate (usually I carry a printout of recent list of prayer requests from Circle of Healing Light with me and will place it on the center stone so it is ready for me during the middle of this ceremony). I walk to the north where I begin my offerings. I give ground blue corn that I have grown as an offering. I first give to north, then walk to west and offer again to west, then south, east, then moving to the center of my wheel. I raise an offering to Father Sun, then to Mother Earth, then I make a motion with an offering to all around which is the offering to the Creator.

Catching the North, East, South, and West

Once the offerings have been made I move to the north. I stand with my feet slightly apart and raise my hands. This is now more a meditative thing or so I have been told. I open myself to the spirit of the north. I welcome the cleansing that north brings allowing it to show me anything of myself that I need to make right before I offer up myself for others. I also open myself to the wisdom of north and all that those who walked before me have to offer at this time. With my hands I bring north into me (sorta like the kids' song Baker's man... roll them and a roll them, rolling hands but kind of slow).

As I roll my hands I am catching north spirit and bringing it down into me, through my head (this same motion is repeated in every direction, west, south, and east) and pulling it done through my heart, down into my body and through until I am pushing it down into the earth thus grounding it in me. Then I pull it up again through my body, heart, and head so that it is like a current. Then I reach to the north and pull it towards me like one would pull a rope. I pull this through my mid-section towards the center of the wheel. What I am doing at this point is agreeing to take what north has to offer at this time for all who are connected to my wheel. This final movement makes me turn so that I am facing east which is my next stop and I do the same movement there but here I am gathering birth. I continue on to the south (growth) and west (healing).

Father Sun and Mother Earth

When it is time to do Father Sun (direction) I face him and do the same. Then I do this with Mother Earth (nurturing) and with the Creator (everything that is needed). After all have been brought within me and within the wheel, I then will speak of those who are in need of prayer (reading off the list and taking time to focus on each one). I wait for answers as well as speak.

Smoke Offering

Once I have completed speaking and listening I once again make an offering, but this time of smoke. I raise my smoke to each of the beings in the directions as well as Father Sun, Mother Earth and Creator, offering the smoke in thanks and also as a way of telling them I am finished at this time so they can stay the day or leave as they desire. I never bring any of the left over material from making smoke back in house for it is an offering. Instead I allow it to continue to burn upon my center stone. If any remains when I go to gather my bowl later I will offer it to the center stone (Creator stone).

Note: This prayer ceremony can take me anywhere from a half an hour to an hour to complete when I am doing the Circle of Healing Light list, but on other days it may take as little as 15 minutes.

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