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What is Medical Intuition?

Focus Friday


Focus Friday

Focus Friday

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What you may not know about me is that I have a certification in medical intuition from the Holos Institutes of Health... a program introduced by Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy. I do not call myself a medical intuitive for a couple of reasons. Primarily, because I'm not particularly fond of labels. But most importantly, because working with clients is not my primary work, it is not a focused path for me.

I am a clairvoyant and have intuited health issues in clients over the years in my energy healing practice. Notice my words "intuited" not "diagnosed." I leave diagnosis to the medical professionals. Although I did tell a client once that I thought she was pregnant... she wasn't trying and didn't have any plans to have a baby. I really scared her. She went straight to the drugstore after her session and purchased a pregnancy test. She called the next day to inform me that I had been mistaken. A year later she was a new mom. Oops... not pregnant yet, but apparently the baby's spirit was hanging around in my healing room that day.

Medical intuitives are healers who have the talent to perceive physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances in their clients. How do they do it? There is no one answer to this question. Psychic ability or intuition varies in individuals. Expert medical intuitives have often worked in medical field trenches (past or present) and/or studied the physiological workings of the human (or animal) body extensively.

I respect individuals who are efficient in medical intuition and choose it as their life path. Five of medical intuitives named by About.com readers as the very best in this specialized holistic healing field for the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards were asked to send me mini-bios about themselves to share with you. Four out of the five have responded. I hope to soon hear back from Su Walker, the fifth healer/psychic nominated for the award.

Dale Newsham, AKA "Wound Healer" says "Uncovering the underlying issue can be quite disguised but once found, it makes it possible to resolve."

Cristina Smith says her medical intuition skills were honed while training as an apprentice doing the the work of Dr. Mel Rees.

Dr. Rita Louise says she has been interested in the concept of ESP since childhood.

Christopher Stewart has studied and learned from healers and intuitives throughout the world.

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Originally posted February 22, 2013

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