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Reader Responses: Are Scents Making You Sick?


Re: Article: Are Scents Making You Sick?

Hi, I would like to thank you for your comments on Fragrances. I had gangrene in my body for a year because of doctors thinking I had a flu problem. I ended up with perforated Appendices. So when they took them out my body was destroyed on the inside from it. I became allergic to anything that had fragrance on the ingredients. I have had to find items without the word fragrance or perfumes on them and use them. I can't have any cleaning fluids in my home. My nose has become very sensitive to anything. Now when I smell one kind of fragrance I can't seem to smell any other fragrance and then it goes to my nerves and I get a tingle in them like they are asleep and then my whole body shuts down. I don't have asthma. I can eat everything but red meats and can't drink cows milk. I am to the point where I have to buy my things over Internet and with a credit card unless they let me pay by check or money order. I live on a side of the desert and the smells outside don't bother me, but anything with a perfume smell does. I was diagnosed with an allergic reaction to sulfur. It was killing me. When I go to Salt Lake City where I was diagnosed with it, they told me to move or live for a year and die. So we moved back to Idaho. I can't go to Yellowstone Park anymore or anywhere near it. Now smells from diesels bother me. My husband got Chemical poisoning where he worked and left him in a wheelchair without any equilibrium in his body. He is not paralyzed, but can't walk. He can only stand up for a short time then has to sit back down. Since we moved to the country we have both felt better. So as long as I stay away from people and stores, I do fine. This has caused me to have troubles driving after being in a store or around people. I thought I had cataracts, but I don't. I don't do much cooking in my home either, because it makes me sick to cook. I have had seizures from this. Past out, lose of memory. Can't think to say anything. It takes my nerves and does crazy things with them now. It seems to keep changing things in my body all the time. People don't think or care when they know that fragrances bother you to not wear it. It smells pretty and that is all they care about. I believe it is to cover up what they don't want to smell on themselves personally. My daughters are becoming allergic to it also. I would love to hear from anyone with these problems.

~B.P.M., Dec. 1, 2002

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I have been preaching to people for several years about this very thing. I also have felt that children, particularly in low cost neighborhoods where asthma has been increasing, are the innocent asthma victims of fragrances. I work for a dentist and go mad with people complaining of swallowing or breathing problems while drenched with after-shave or perfume. I wonder when the medical field is going to catch on. My cardiologist has allergies and was amazed when I suggested he not wear scents. He agreed to try it for a few weeks--do you believe that!!! My primary physician, only a couple of years out of medical school, also looked surprised when I mentioned it to him. I know of several allergists that don't even make this part of routine questions. Kinda shakes my faith in the world of medicine.

~ Sincerely, L.S., Jan. 22, 2001

Your new article about scents is great! I'm just like you when it comes to perfumes and scents (though not foods, other than salad dressing, which drives me crazy). My wife puts her perfume on in the car or at work, and I'm constantly yelling at my teenage daughters about spraying perfume in their rooms or bathroom, which are only a few feet from my office. I have to use unscented laundry soap and fabric softener, and fragrance-free Neutragena soap. My experience in movie theaters is the same as yours; in fact, if somebody wearing Eternity was sitting in the seat before me, I have to move! My brother is the same way... I'm going to make my wife and daughters read your article.

~ Thanks! B.L., Jan. 20, 2001

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