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Holistic Healing Community Discussions

Discussing Scent Sensitivity


Holistic Healing Community Discussions

What Smells Make Your Nostrils Twitch?

Chemical/Smell Sensitivity
Yesterday a visitor came to our office wearing so much perfume that I had a headache within 5 minutes of her arrival. My boss wears something (and lots of it) that guarantees a headache for me, and I don't know how to tell him that. The perfumed inserts in magazines are sheer torture. Often, someone will be wearing too much perfume and standing next to me at the gym -- it's worse when the air gets warm. - Junebug

What Type Of Nose (smeller) Do You Have?
My smeller is way too sensitive. Sometimes peoples' breath is so strong it reminds me of mothballs. I haven't figured that one out. I smell bags of oranges and lemons to make sure they are not spoiled before they go into my shopping cart. I track down odors and have prevented computer fires several times at my former work. I rarely wear fragrances. 'Red' makes me sneeze and have immediate nausea. Some expensive fragrances smell like bug spray, while some bug sprays smell like they would be pleasant perfumes. Go figure! Do carrots sometimes taste like soap to you? I found out that those carrots are old. Taste and smell go hand in hand... Glad I'm not alone in this sniffer stuff. - Dottie

MCS - the reality of this condition
I have been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities after two years of bizarre symptoms. I was not aware of such a condition for these two years, so I can't be accused of "looking for" this diagnosis. I am also very calm and sane and not subject to depression. I am upset that many of the links about this condition point to sites that invalidate it...particularly, the QuackWatch site, but others as well. While chemical exposures do tend to put us into something like "panic attacks," this is a reaction from our bodies telling us something is dangerous and we must flee. I would like to see these links about this condition being a "crack-pot diagnosis" removed. I know this seems narrow-minded, but those sites might be the only ones that some people read...if they believe what is said, they may never get well...or understand the pain a loved one is suffering...they may not check the dates of these statements, to realize that opinions on MCS are changing. Once I put my medical history together, it became clear to me that a massive exposure to spray insect killers was the major trigger for me. If you have MCS, the "it doesn't exist" statement seems ridiculous... - aliendra51

Lost Sense of Smell
My mom recently lost her sense of smell after a bad sinus infection, and a doctor told her it was because of nerve damage and she won't get it back, although recently she has begun to get whiffs of things. I'm wondering if anyone knows of something that will help her get it back? - Rain Demon

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