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Massage Therapy Tips

Would you like to give a simple massage to a friend or family member? Here are some great tips for beginners.

Bell's Palsey Treatment
Massage tip for soothing and alleviating pain associated with Bell's Palsey.

Chest Massage for Women
Simple steps for massaging your breasts. You need it for a healthy body and firm breasts.

The Backrubs FAQ
Disciplines of different types massage and their various techniques are explained. Basic information for the novice as well as a general resource for massage therapists

About Starting Out
Where do you start a massage? According to this resource there are two different, but good equally good ways to proceed.

Back Of Leg Massage
Lots of people you know would appreciate a leg massage, actually anyone who spend time standing each day.

Face Massage
The Holistic Online website offers these simple directions for a relaxing, refreshing face massage.

Sports Massage Tips
Attention athletes! Sports Massage is a specialized modality in which some therapists are trained.

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