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Best in Massage - 2012 About.com Readers Choice Awards


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Best Massage Table Makers
Best in Massage - 2012 About.com Readers Choice Awards
Best Massage Table Makers

Best Massage Table Maker Finalists

EarthLite - www.earthlite.com

Master Massage - www.mastermassagetables.com

Nirvana - nirvanamassagetables.com

Oakworks - www.oakworks.com

Pisces Productions - piscespro.com

Personal Message from Pisces Pro CEO Nancy Rosenblum

As a woman owned USA made manufacturing company for lightweight massage tables and chairs for over 35 years I am so thrilled to be among some of the best companies out there. I want to thank all my reader support and those that nominated my company and I will continue producing quality products for all of you to enjoy for years to come. I would not be in this position without all of this generous support.
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