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Why is My Dog So Nervous?

Ask an Animal Communicator


Why is My Dog So Nervous?

Remington (Remy)

Reader Question: I hope you can help me. My beloved Remy is the most nervous dog I've ever seen. He shakes all the time and can be aggressive (no surprise) if he feels too pressured. It is a horrific thing for a chunky adult woman to sit on the other end of the couch from a six-pound dog and feel the entire couch vibrate from his shaking. Any and all advice as to how to help him feel more confident would be appreciated. If I think about how scared he is, I cry. ~Courtney

Madeleiene's Response: Hi Courtney, Sorry to hear you are having problems with your adorable dog. Do you ever get a chance to socialize a little with him as I feel this would build up his confidence if he discovers that it doesn't have to be a scary experience? He may be nervous at first but if he mixes with people and animals that you trust, I'm sure his confidence will grow. You could try using some rescue remedy initially whenever you feel he might be challenged. Or, discuss with a homeopathic vet who may be able to suggest some remedies that might boost his confidence and general demeanor. Do hope this helps.

Best wishes,

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Disclaimer: Madeleine Walker shares insights derived from animal communication. Any advice she offers is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care or basic dog obedience training.


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