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Paralyzed Pet Rabbit

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Paige and Molly

Madeleine Walker

Madeleine Walker, Animal Communicator

Reader Question: Molly and I have been together for almost a year in October. I got her in Chicago where she stays with me during the school year. She has flown back and fourth between NY and Chicago numerous times and has always been the greatest girl. This morning I found Molly in my basement and her legs seemed to be paralyzed, I rushed her to the hospital only for them to tell to me to take her home for a week and give her some meds and then evaluate whether or not she gets better. I love her dearly and I don't think I can make it out in Chicago without her. I want to know if you can contact her and ask her how this happened to her legs, also if she is in any pain. I want her to know that even though I was away for a while this summer that she is still my baby girl. Ask her if she still wants to live and come back to Chicago with me even if her legs don't heal. Tell her we have a new apartment in a house that she will really enjoy! Thank you so much for your patience. My name is Paige by the way and I am an artist and I'm 20 years old. Thanks again.

Madeleine's Response: Oh Paige this is a difficult one.You obviously have the deepest heart connection and whatever happens that will always be there. I feel you need to be guided by your veterinarian, but also by your gut instincts. Molly will tell you and show you how she feels and you have to be guided by her. I feel that for some reason there is a problem with the nerves in her back end and I will send as much healing as I can for you both. Passing has to be Molly's choice and we have to put them first however much it hurts for us to not have them around in the physical. There may be a time when she feels that you are strong enough to go forward in life without her in the physical so that you can realise you are so much stronger than you thought. Just because she is in spirit doesn't mean she still can't be there to guide and support you.

This is the hardest part about having animal companions. When they pass it is heart breaking, but I know without doubt that they are around us in spirit and do choose to come back to us. I have had so much evidence of this that I am totally convinced that we have spent different lifetimes in the past and will again in the future with our animal soulmates. My book An Exchange of Love is all about this and there are many case studies where this happens. Sending you lots of love and healing which I do hope will help.


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Disclaimer: Madeleine Walker shares insights derived from animal communication. Any advice she offers is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care or basic dog obedience training.


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