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Why Does My Cat Attack Me?

Ask an Animal Communicator


Why Does My Cat Attack Me?


Reader Question: I want to know why my cat, Krammer, looks at me like I am a *itch and why he will out of nowhere just kind of attack me. He gets mean for some reason. I love this cat and really need to know what is wrong with him.Thank you so much. ~Victoria

Madeleine's Response: Hi Victoria, You have one smart cat! He is not attacking you. He is attacking something negative in your energy field. Animals and cats in particular are very sensitive to negative influences that impact on our auric field. I have known cats and dogs react to children who are being bullied at school and are bringing home the negativity from these unkind pupils. Once the bullying had been addressed the animals were perfectly happy again. It is as though they do this to flag up something that needs addressing in our lives. So have a think about what is going on for you and if you are struggling with any negative people or situations in your life. Once you can address this I'm sure Krammer will be happier as he will know that you are happier too!

Best Wishes,

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Disclaimer: Madeleine Walker shares insights derived from animal communication. Any advice she offers is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care or basic dog obedience training.
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