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Communicating with a Deceased Pet

Ask an Animal Communicator


Communicating with a Deceased Pet


Reader Question: My Dearest Basil was taken ill on Tuesday. After specialists tried everything died Thursday morning early hours. He had somehow got Meningitis but his lungs and eyes filled with blood was drained but later filled with fluid so oxygen fed through a tube was all that was keeping him alive so we had no option but to have him put to sleep. He was an hour away but we were there with him. I told him how much I loved him and everyone else did. The vet said he might not know we were there but I wonder. He and I had a special song that I always sang to him especially during cuddles which were as frequent as I could. Did he know who was with him and did he hear the song and remember what it was? A big ask but I am distraught. I asked if he could come and show me he was okay. I have 2 others and one of the others nearly died a few weeks back still recovering and about to have more tests as both she and Basil had immune based illnesses though different. Still awaiting results of in death tests on Basil's biopsies, blood, and fluids. Sorry to write so much. Hope you can help. ~Caroline

Madeleine's Response: Oh Caroline I can feel SO much emotion between the two of you. Of course he heard your song and absolutely knew you were with him. He will join in your song whenever you feel like singing it. He is around you so strongly and wants you to know that he thanks you for everything you did and all the fun you had together. He says he will find a way of coming back to you both spiritually and physically one day when he is fully healed on all levels. He is doing really well and wants you to remember all the happy times and celebrate your loving relationship. This might sound silly (but I'm sure it won't to you) we had a very special goat that my son and I sang a special song to every year on her birthday (27th March) and we still sing it on her birthday every year even though she is now in spirit. We used to make her a special cake of all her favourite treats which she used to devour with relish. Animals do love songs especially if the words are made up just for them! We still sing songs that we've changed the words to incorporate each dogs energy and little ways! My dogs love it!

Much love to you I totally know how hard it is to lose a your best animal friend.

Madeleine Walker

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Disclaimer: Madeleine Walker shares insights derived from animal communication. Any advice she offers is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care or basic dog obedience training.


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