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Living Simply

It's a choice we always have. It's the decision to put the most important and spiritual aspects of lives before the unnecessary and wasteful. It's called Voluntary Simplicity.
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Fun is the Ultimate
Article by Bernie DeKoven, AKA Doctor Fun, promotes the seriousness of being silly

An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by dogged pursuit of the American Dream.

The Living Gently
An electronic magazine promoting a voluntary simple and frugal lifestyle. The point is to enhance personal satisfaction while reducing environmental impacts.

Consumption Control Chart
Here's an extremely simple form that will let you track down your expenses. Print it out and use it!

Reasonably Simple
I'm not sure if this newsletter is still being published, but the back issues are worth reading.

Food for Thought
Only a hundred years ago, the concept of massive consumption was considered a curse rather than a blessing.

One Income Living in a Two Income World
It's possible for a family to live on less money, but it takes careful planning and focussed priorities.

Mind Benders: Sitting On A Tack
This New Age parable suggests that our situations have simple solutions, but they require us to be conscious.

Overcoming Consumerism?
Is it possible to have a simple and meaningful life? Maybe, but how did we get in this big mess anyway?

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