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Who are the Lightworkers?

Raising Global Consciousness


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Are you a Lightworker?

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Have you ever heard about lightworkers? Lightworkers are people who are here for the purpose of raising the consciousness of mankind. They serve in a variety of different ways to help expand light and spread goodness to humanity.

Lightworkers are in human form. They chose to be born or come through as a walk-in so they could mingle with other human beings living on earth, assisting others in evolving spiritually with more ease. Their mere existence on earth creates openings for light to come through from higher planes.

Are You a Lightworker? - Take this quiz to find out.

You may have a sister, brother, or other family member who is a lightworker. Or, you may be a lightworker in hiding, someone who has yet to awaken to your life path. Many lightworkers have woken and are currently assisting people grow their spirits. Others of you have not yet blossomed fully and have yet to begin fulfilling your purpose in helping to increase awareness and light. It is typical for a young lightworker to begin his work of spreading light and love without fully knowing what they are actually doing.

Lightworkers have a "core" of goodness within them, they carry a higher energy vibration which helps them to be positive and loving. This is good because lightworkers often come with dual or multiple purposes. They will have their own "stuff" to work on in addition to their soul agreement to serve globally as a carrier or channeler of light. lightworkers image © photos.com

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