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Hurdles to Wellness

Fear of Survival


Hurdles to Wellness

Hurdles to Wellness

Hurdles to Wellness: Childhood Imprinting | Fear of Survival | Pre-Birth Contracts

Many people stay in jobs or relationships where they are unhappy out of primal fears of survival. For these individuals it is nearly impossible to trust that they will be taken care of and that there may very well be a better opportunity around the corner. Learning to TRUST and SURRENDER are big hurdles to overcome. Although they feel underpaid or are grossly unsatisfied with employment, the threat of an unknown future keeps them frozen in the status quo. When we become fear-frozen in our putrid situations it should be no surprise when sickness surfaces. Ill-nurturing environments will affect our health and well-being. Sickness and pain in our bodies are signs telling us that we cannot be "well" while remaining in toxic relationships or continue working under poor conditions.

Sickness Can Be Our Hero, rescuing us from places and situations we don't what to be in.

A person may very well become so ill that they can no longer work his job and he will find himself unemployed. A few years ago I met a woman who was no longer able to work because her body had become consumed by a rare cancer. Although she was unhappy to be so ill, she wasn't completely miserable. She was greatly relieved that she no longer had to go to work every day and do a job she disliked. Her illness also afforded her a monthly disability check. Not working allowed her time to take up endeavors that suited her better than her old job ever did. A few months before she died she told me that she felt she had what it took to beat the cancer that was eroding her body. In fact, she had experienced remission a few times. But what haunted her most as each remission occurred was a gnawing fear deep inside that she might get well and that her disability checks would stop coming. Those checks afforded her the luxury to spend her days doing the things she enjoyed doing the most. Hers was a situation where her cancerous body allowed her an avenue to leave a job she despised and felt imprisoned by. She didn't have the fortitude to leave on her own. Instead, a deadly illness was her get-out-of-jail card. When the woman crossed over I was not convinced that cancer is what took her life, I feel it may have been her fears. Perhaps it was the physical body itself that she really wanted to leave behind.

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