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An "I Love Me" tip suggested by Daylee Deanna Schwartz, author of How Do I Love Me, Let Me Count the Ways struck me as a wonderful way to honor and acknowledge the beautiful person we are. Dayle suggests sending an email filled with positive words to yourself. What a great idea. Instant love! I've known for a very long time that "loving yourself first" is the first step to loving others and attracting love from others. While you are work, pick up the phone and call your home phone, leave a loving message to yourself on your answering machine. Listening to it after returning home at the end of your work day will bring you a smile. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to yourself! OR, why not write a long love letter to yourself in long hand? Afterwards, sign it, seal it inside an envelope, address it to yourself, stamp it with love, and drop your love letter in the mailbox. Love is on its way!

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