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Alcohol Free Flower Essences


Flower essences

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    It isn't necessary to take flower essences directly from the "source" bottles which have a higher content of brandy in them than dosage bottles. Stock essences can be diluted into dosage portions which will reduce the brandy that is consumed to a minuscule amount. For example, I rarely take a dosage directly from source bottles. I have taken a dose (rarely) directly from my Five Flower Rescue Remedy source bottle because I keep it in my travel pack and if I feel stressed in the moment may take a direct hit from that bottle rather than preparing a diluted portion. Also, I refrain from dosing myself from stock bottles just as a precaution against possible contamination by accidentally touching the dropper to my tongue/saliva.

    Dosage bottles can be prepared with vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar as a non-alcholic preservative. Prepare (clean and sterilize) an empty one-ounce tincture bottle and fill 1/4 of the bottle with your choice of alternative preservative. Place 2-3 drops of each chosen stock remedies into the dosage bottle, then fill the remainder with purified water. A one ounce dosage bottle will last you approximately 10-12 days if you consistently take 10 drops 4X a day. Consumption of alcohol would be a trace amount from the 2-3 drops per essence taken from the source bottles.

    For myself, because I have a full pharmacy of essences on hand I seldom bother to use any type of preservative in taking dosages. On the days that I want to use essences I place 1-2 drops of each essence (from the source bottles) which I have selected into a single 12 ounce bottle of purified water. I will drink from the "essenced water" throughout the day. Flower essences work just fine in this diluted form. Essences work best if they are taken frequently. So rather than gulping down a dropperful directly from the source bottle I suggest making dosage bottles.

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