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Karmic Justice and Karmic Rewards

Your Soul's Check And Balance Accounting System


Karmic Justice and Karmic Rewards

Karmic Justice

We often hear of Karmic Justice coming to visit us. This is when our bad behaviors catch up with us and we face consequences that are less than joyous. This is fair, we should be held accountable for cheating, lying, thieving, jealousy, lust, etc. Our thoughts and deeds have not gone unnoticed by the Universe. There must be some type of accounting system, surely there is a check and balance in place. But who is keeping score? This is where our individual beliefs come into play.

Differing Believes About Karma

Some people believe there will be a final Judgment Day at the pearly gates of heaven after they die. Others feel that their higher selves or soul consciousness make amends with the people they have treated badly through future dealings with them. Soul-agreements or karmic pacts are arranged between two souls or groups of souls. Such agreements or karma contracts are routinely made pre-incarnation, but these types of soul contracts can also be re-negotiated at certain cycles during a person's current lifetime.

Personally, I like the idea of not having to wait until after death or between lifetimes for karmic dues to come looking for us to even the score, or at the very least keep us in check. I just as soon pay off my karmic debts sooner than later. Well, unless sooner is going to throw me into a chaotic karmic tailspin. Nevermind! A mentor of mine once taught me that it is okay to ask for gentle lessons. It is okay to progress by growing our souls at a slower pace. What's the hurry?

Careful What You Say?

I've also learned to be cautious in how I say things. Someone asked me once what I would do with a million dollars if I won the lottery. My answer was that I really wouldn't do anything different. I told this woman that I was content with my life and that money wasn't all that important to me. Well, that statement came back to bite me on the butt. My smug words were soon tested. Within a few weeks I was hit with a possible financial set back that boldly demonstrated to me that my money WAS important to me. My comfort level dropped significantly when it looked like I might be forced to make some shifts in my livelihood and lower my standard of living. I understood that my words were being tested and I quickly re-evaluated my truth involving financial concerns. The truth was that I was content with my status quo. I was happy with the comfortable lifestyle that I had carved out for myself with the current flow of money coming to me. Events turned around and I was able to maintain my comfort level. Afterwards, I even began to attract more financial successes my way. Whew, that was a huge lesson for me.

Are You Open To Receiving?

I wasn't being very appreciative of the luxuries and comforts I had. I now realize that I was blocking the flow of karmic rewards. I guess I was too focused on paying my karmic debts by trying to do everything right, working hard, and playing by the rules that I overlooked the fact that I was also accruing good karma. The problem was that I wasn't keeping myself open as a receiver of the good things that were trying to find their way to me.

What is a Karmic Reward?

A Karmic Reward is when something good comes from an unexpected source, but it came your way because you were SUPPOSED to have it to help balance those times when you didn't really get a fair shake. If you don't accept it graciously you will be sending a message to the Universe that you don't feel worthy. By conveying ungrateful or unworthiness messages you will likely be overlooked the next time or at the very least be sent to the back of the line for any future handouts.

Remind yourself of the proverb Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. It might feel strange or surprising to have something given to you that you didn't ask for and have an impulse to refuse it. Or, you might be in the bad habit of thinking that whatever did come to you wasn't enough or wishing that it was something different. It is time to change our negative reactions to receiving the unexpected flow of generosity.

Keep your hands, heart, and mind open to receive. Believe that you are deserving of karmic rewards! I AM deserving, and You ARE too.
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